8-8 Lion’s Gate Portal

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The Manifestation Portal Peaks

What Are You Harvesting?

Today is the peak of the Lion’s Gate energy, which refers to the Blue Light of the Dog Star Sirius aligning with Earth and the Central Sun. It’s also the Leo New Moon, and a few short hours ago was when the first wheat harvest festival Lughnasadh (also known as Lammas or “loaf mass” in the Church of Rome’s appropriation) was astrologically exact as a cross-quarter holy day, the midpoint between the June Solstice and the September Equinox.

That’s a lot to be happening at once! I’m definitely feeling it, especially since all of this is happening on my Personality Earth (if you know Human Design) aka my Evolution sphere (for adepts of the Gene Keys).

And then there’s my personal Dog Star, Sabine. She’s definitely ready for her close-up, and is very much a part of the tribe of winged white lions. No wonder she and I were meant to partner up in this lifetime.

Before I say more about Sirius and the Lion’s Gate, let me update you on my attunement event for this holy day cluster, the Journey of the Sphinx, Lion’s Gate Passage, which I announced last time. It’s still happening soon, but I am surrendering to the various forces that are at play for me right now (including the triple-whammy of Lion’s Gate, Lughnasadh, and Leo New Moon all happening simultaneously at that sensitive point in my chart; my daughter starting High School tomorrow amid a good deal of administrative confusion; and a setback with my meniscus injury, which has slowed me down in all the senses, apparently for good reason). I promise, you’ll be the first to know when all the details come into crystal clarity.

It includes an attunement to Sirius and part 2 of the initiation into the Alliance of the Sphinx, a collective which is dedicated to the re-establishment of the (pre-Patriarchal) Old Ways on Planet Earth. (The guides are also using the term “Constellation of the Sphinx” but alliance carries the meaning of working as one, so they are preferring it right now.)

By “old ways,” we mean veneration of Nature and recognition that all living and inanimate things on/within the planet and in the heavens are a part of the fabric of Nature. We are not and cannot be separate. A violence against any part of this fabric is a violence against all of it.

Incidentally, if you’re feeling called by this Alliance, you can know that you have been a member through many lifetimes.

Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky, and its highly evolved blue light clears the energetic junk and distracting noise out of our fields so that we can more clearly be upgraded and receive downloads. There is an impressive mastery about Sirius’s light. It’s not messing around! This month-long portal (late July through late August) is like spring cleaning for the soul. They say that sunshine is the best disinfectant, so you can imagine what the light of Sirius can do for us.

My most sincere wish for this portal period is to have those lightworkers who have been caught in the web of conspiracy theories awaken to the truth rather than to continue to spread hate and fear in the name of Love.

The crystals that came through for this Lion’s Gate were Double Labradorite, a Huge Citrine, Dragon’s Eye [aka red Tiger’s Eye, which I always think should be called Lion’s Eye since the energy of this stone feels more leonine to me], and Amazonite. What a perfect lineup for this portal! Translated into English, that’s Extra Magick, Huge Manifestation, a deep and earthy form of manifestation and ancient wisdom, plus a call to the Courage to speak your personal truth.

Of course, Leo is the sign of courage. It’s also the sign of fixed fire, which I’m just realizing is a great description of Labradorite. Eight (an infinity sign on its side) is the number of abundance, and we do have 2 abundance stones in the Citrine and Dragon’s Eye. Amazonite is a high heart stone: having the courage to let the heart speak its truth, in spite of how dangerous it might seem at times.

This New Moon at 16 degrees of Leo is sitting right next to Mercury (the magician and messenger) so this energy of magick and communication alongside manifestation and courage will be with us for the rest of the Leo lunar cycle.

Mercury in the New Moon chart is also at the tip of a Yod, known as a finger of Fate or a finger of God. Holding the back end are outer planets Neptune and Pluto. We could be engaging in transformative communication, possibly unconsciously. The final major outer planet—Uranus—is squaring the Sun-Moon-Mercury grouping, making this cycle ripe for sudden shifts and surprises. My sense, given all of the abundance and manifestation of our dreams that this portal supports, is that these shifts will be quite positive. (And of course, all shifts are positive; it’s just a matter of perspective. The Universe conspires to bring us exactly what we need in perfect divine timing.)

It’s not too late to celebrate Lughnasadh or Lammas, the first harvest festival in the wheel of the year. There are seed-plantings at the Winter Solstice; at Imbolc the new life or project quickens into life; growth increases and the fertile flames are fanned at the Vernal Equinox snd Beltane. The final celebratory fertility fires are set at Summer Solstice, which is the peak energy of the year. Now, with Lughnasadh, we are starting to reap what we have sown.

In the pre-Christian Celtic lands, a single, ritual sheaf of wheat was harvested to be ground into flour to make a single, ritual loaf of bread for the community. This initial token harvest was meant to inspire gratitude and to remind folks to leave the crops to continue growing and to not get too desperate for grain lest the villagers run out of flour too early in the following year. The cut stalks were braided and folded into “dollies” meant to represent the Goddess and paraded around the edges of the fields to receive her blessings.

(Does this remind anyone of Homecoming Queens being driven around the football field in early fall? It should. Goddess-worship still shows up in mysterious ways.)

In addition to lighting a fire (to show devotion and gratitude) a great way to honor this festival is to take stock of what you’re harvesting.

In the Northern Hemisphere, we’re definitely on the downward slope of the year. And it is not a bad idea to celebrate the fruits of your labors this year. Allow yourself a small splurge to feel abundant and you will BE that. What we focus on expands. This is the most symbolic point in the Wheel of the Year, in my opinion. What are the ways in which you could ask for more blessings of the Goddess? Listen for the answer your guides give you, and then do that! Even if it sounds kind of ridiculous, just trust that it’s perfect.


At this Leo New Moon, if you know your birth chart, look for the house containing 16 degrees of Leo to see where this month’s energies might have the biggest impact. If you don’t know your chart, simply use Leonine themes: leadership, courage, generosity, abundance, finding your spotlight, receiving Love, and creativity. The most potent times to set intentions are from now through Tuesday except on Monday between 8 and 11 am Eastern when the Moon is void of course.

Own your Magick and mark this portal in the way only you know best.

Winged hearts, arise!

P.S.: I’ll be back with more information about the Journey of the Sphinx when I know more. I sense that if there is to be a live meeting, it might be on Friday the 13th.