Akashic Wisdom on STRUGGLE: What it Means, How to Use it, How to Avoid it + How to End it!

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Happy 4th of July!

I’ve been experiencing heaps of struggle this week (something I’m not used to!). Because of that, and because of today’s freedom theme, I thought I’d share with you the wisdom of the Akashic Records on Struggle from the June live channeling with my private coaching clients. Around Memorial Day, I shared what they had to say about Control and Surrender, and the information we got about struggle runs along the same vein, of course, but the questions posed by my clients were a little different and so brought different answers. Very enlightening ones, so be sure to check it out!

Struggle is necessary for humans, but at the same time, it’s “needless.” The necessity for struggle falls away as we connect more consciously with our own Divinity, individually + collectively.

Struggle is a useful barometer. It lets us know when we need to let go.

Struggle is an illusion of the human mind. When we remember this, it rolls off of us like Teflon.

Living in Trust that the Universe Loves you + wants to make you happy is the best way to avoid struggle. Going back to that place of trust/Love/surrender is the best way to get out of struggle. Laughter is also good!

Struggle and resistance are the same thing; also the same thing as the human brain freaking out because it doesn’t know what’s coming. Struggle happens when the Universe brings you a big present, and you think you don’t want it. Your eternal or higher self does want it, and that’s why the present is coming.

o Example: The Universe is about to bring you an amazing gift of a new opportunity, but in order to make room for that new opportunity, you need to lose your job. Your ego brain freaks out, saying “No! I don’t want to be unemployed!” and goes into resistance mode, which is very fearful on all levels. What it doesn’t know is that this new opportunity means more money, more satisfaction, more time with your family or your hobbies, etc. Every time we get into a place of struggle, the best thing to do is to realize that we can’t see the big picture, and that it’s an ego-trip to think that we know better than the Divine Universe!

Being more in communication with Guides, in meditation, and in the Present Moment are great ways to stay out of struggle. The Present Moment is that place where you’re not regretting the past or worrying about the future or being in judgment of yourself or anyone else (these are all fearful behaviors), but you are treating every act as a sacred act. This is the place of FLOW. When you are at work be fully at work; when you are at play, be fully at play; when you are with companions, be fully present to them.

Every person on the planet can reach Enlightenment at any moment simply by letting go of the past and the future and simply fully living your life, moment by moment. We could live there every moment if we wanted. The more time you can spend here, the more Enlightened (Divine) you are. This is where grace, ease, joy, synchronicity, and magic are located. This is the opposite of struggle.

Every time we are in struggle, it’s only because the human you doesn’t know what’s coming around the bend. Every time. And what’s more: everything that’s coming around the bend is something that your Divine Self has asked for! (Take that in.) This is a reminder to get back to the Present Moment.

When you discover you’re in resistance or struggle, try to get to a place of Surrender as quickly as possible. Surrender is the same place as the Present Moment, as Enlightenment, as meditation, as Love, as the Universe. Take your energy to the Whole and say “I’m having a hard time dealing with this. Apparently I don’t know the whole story. You take it please!” Wherever you are, stop, take a deep breath, and with that breath, connect to the Universe (i.e. via the Divine Love Bubble or Breathing in the Stars exercise)

Identifying the core causes of the struggle keeps you in struggle—in fear—in control—in your ego brain. So don’t go there! Go to surrender instead. Feel that you are part of the fabric of the Universe. Asking for wisdom is good, trying to “figure it out” is the wrong way to go!