Aquarius Full Moon Take two

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Happy Aquarius Full Moon Redux!

Hello and welcome to the rare second Full Moon in a zodiac sign.

Last month on July 23rd we had the original Full Moon at one degree of Aquarius (incidentally, just one degree past the position of the Grand Conjunction or the Grand Mutation at the December Solstice which kicked off the new era we are now trying to get used to). Now we’re back for a second crack at Aquarian intensity.

All Full Moons are the emotional climax of the month. This past FM was particularly intense because it was bookended on one side by transformative Pluto and on the other by taskmaster Saturn. Personally (and I am an Aquarius) just a few days before this Full Moon matched up so many things right on top of my own star chart, I was incapacitated by a meniscus injury. I was already being rolfed by this summer’s astrology, but after that I had to surrender to the demands to slow down and go inward.

I had been planning a “Journey of the Sphinx” Lion’s Gate Passage for months, and just had to let that go. However, I did do a rather amazing and very informative channeling on the relationship of the Sphinx to the Lion’s Gate; it’s basically all the work I’ve done in this lifetime! I was still hoping I might offer a drummed journey on the 8th, but that wasn’t in the cards.

I had also hoped to host a promised Friday the 13th event with my Marry Your Intuition Alumnae, but instead I honored the Divine Feminine by not succumbing to the feeling I “should” do something that I didn’t have the resources for. If you’ve ever held space for a powerful group and let the energy occupy your entire body for an hour or more, you know what I’m talking about. {wink}

I was definitely feeling the challenge of that initial Aquarius Full Moon in my first house!

In contrast, today’s Full Moon is at the very final degree (29) of Aquarius, and is sitting right next to Jupiter, bringer of joy, opportunity, and expansion. It’s lovely to have a do-over where the first try was tough (but good in all the ways challenges can be) and the second try is graced by ease/eased by grace.

That’s not to say that there aren’t hard things happening in the world—there certainly are. I don’t think I need to list them, but here are just a few: Afganistan, Back-to-school safety concerns, COVID deaths on the rise again, Delta variant, Evacuation snafus, Forest fires, Gerrymander threats, Haiti can’t catch a break….

For me, one of the hardest parts of this moment in time is the split in the spiritual community. I could say so much more, but time and energy being limited right now, I’ll just say that discerning where the truth lies is a matter of opening your heart and dropping out of your mind. If you are seeing with the eyes of Love and not those of fear (be aware that this includes JUDGMENT and ATTACHMENT!) you cannot go wrong.

The time for listening to gurus is over; they can be bought, and many are in this age of the “influencers.” Be especially wary if listening to a thought-leader generates a sense of outrage for you: that’s a clear sign of manipulation through fear.

If you want to Freedom offered by Aquarius, follow your own guidance. Be sure that you’re operating from an open heart and open mind and that you’re truly connecting to your Higher Self and guidance team through your body. Remember that everything is energy and vibration, and that the building blocks of the world are photons and LOVE. This is why I love working with and through the Akashic Records. They are held in an energy of pure Love and gratitude–the Keepers are always so grateful to us for doing the work!

It just so happens that today, at this Aquarius Full Moon, the Sun directly opposite is sitting right on top of Regulus, the bright fixed star* known as the Heart of the Lion because of where it sits in the Leo constellation.

*[It’s actually a tight cluster of 4 stars, but throughout all of recorded history and before it was seen as a single star, so that’s how the astrological community refers to it. Also, it does move, but at a glacial speed.]

Being Lion-Hearted means being both courageous and regal. To me that means on the one hand, aligning with one’s heart-truth, and on the other, having both the leadership skills to act boldly and accept responsibility if things go sideways, and the graciousness to accept praise with humility and to forgive others their offenses, big or small.

I pulled a card as well as crystals for today’s Full Blue Moon. The card was “Heart-Knowing” from the 13 Moon Oracle by Ariel Spilsbury, This is an aamazing teaching tool (more than just a card deck) and is available online from the Sanctuary of the Open Heart. I highly recommend it.

This is the frequency card of the Wise Woman archetype. The Wise Woman laughs at the trappings of the world (she knows that they are all about ego fragility) and sees through illusion. She loves to play and her wisdom comes from her connection to Source/intuition through her totem raven (visible on the card). She knows that life is a game and embraces the visible and the invisible realms.

This is a beautiful energy to be taking us through the emotional waves of these Uranian times: higher perspective (bird’s-eye-view), freedom from received ideas about success and the necessity of consumption, and a healthy sense of humor.

What is this card telling you right now?

The crystals that came to support us through this intense Full Blue Moon were a HUGE Petrified Wood (think: new beginnings or working with your ancestors or ancient civilizations such as Atlantis) as well as two tiny stones: Clear Quartz and Amazonite.

I am reading the Petrified Wood as: we are entering a new landscape and a new relationship with space and time. We are connecting with our ancient-future selves to carry the wisdom that was lost back into the world.

Those of us who had past lives in Atlantis have come back onto Earth this time to undo the work we did thousands of years ago—creating the barrier of forgetfulness that disconnected the mind from the heart, and allowed incarnating beings to temporarily lose track of the truths that we are eternal, and that fear is an illusion.

Moreover, Petrified Wood is also very grounding, and with all the Uranian energies of upheaval of this Leo lunation and today’s Full Moon, we probably need to feel the ground solidly under our feet. Uranus just stationed retrograde on Thursday (the energy of any planet is wildly amplified when it stops moving), and is a co-ruler of this Full Moon, so there’s lots of this energy in the air right now.

Uranus is the planet of sudden shifts and breakthroughs, quantum leaps, reversals, and revolutions. With Uranus, suddenly the unthinkable happens and the old roadmaps no longer apply. Uranian times such as these require surrender, sometimes multiple times per day.

The Clear Quartz is for clarity and amplification of the other stones. The Amazonite is one of 2 courage stones in my bowl (again: you can’t make this up!). It’s about having the courage to speak your Personal Truth.

Aquarius is an air sign, of course. Right now there’s a potent Grand Air Trine supporting discerning and speaking our Personal Truth(s). It runs between Venus in her home sign of Libra, Saturn in his home sign of Aquarius, and the North Node in Gemini. This combination of sign rulerships (always amplifying potency) and the North Node (pointing the way to our highest evolutionary pathway; a kind of collective North Star) is mighty.

With the Love planet in her sign of partnerships, now is the perfect time for breaking old patterns of silence. Sometimes things have to break down for new genius solutions to come to light.

If you feel up to the challenge, the skies are showing us that this is truly a moment for ripping the band-aid off rather than peeling it back slowly and excruciatingly. Sunlight is the best disinfectant, so allow the genius and upheaval of this Uranian moment to carry you through to more freedom, more alignment, and greater connection to your emotional landscape as well as the entire web of life and consciousness on Earth and beyond.

I’ll be back soon with a link to get my Lion’s Gate Passage recording of the Journey of the Sphinx as a gift. I can’t wait to share it.

Take care of yourself. As we now move into Virgo, the sign of the Goddess/Priestess/Witch, use the power that emanates from the center of the Earth to keep you nourished in mind, body, and spirit. This Shift that we are now living through is a marathon, not a sprint. I hate being told to take time to rest, but apparently I wasn’t going to do it on my own. Let my being “laid up” with a meniscus tear serve you as well.

May our Winged Hearts fly ever free!

Own Your Magick,

P.S.: Deep bow of gratitude for taking this ride with me. I don’t say thank you every time, but I do feel it with every post I write. It’s such an honor to be sharing the wisdom of the stones, cards, and Akashic Records with such powerful and open-hearted fellow travelers.

I’m feeling a new crystals class coming on! I’d love to hear from you if working with the magick of the stones tickles your fancy, or if you’re feeling called to learn more about your Divine Self and how it works with your humanness.