Aries New Moon

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Set Your Intentions Now at the Aries New Moon

For this Alchemical Aries New Moon square Saturn, Pluto, and the Lunar Nodes, the message from my guides is to “go into the Light.” Step into that portal. The one right in front of you that has you shaking so hard that you suspect some parts are going to fall off—permanently.

(You’re right incidentally, but these are parts you’ve outgrown; they’ve been holding you back and cannot exist beyond the portal.)

Step through that gateway into a new reality. You are ready. You are here for a reason. That reason and this portal have been waiting for you since the beginning of time. It has your name inscribed upon it in fiery letters. You may be wondering who etched it there. You did. Long ago and just now. If your mind can’t grok that, just let it go for now. It will be clear soon.

As you step through this gateway, hold on powerfully to your essence-self. To all the things that you know to be true about yourself: your truth, your gifts, who and how you are to serve in the new world.

When you do step through this Light-portal (though you be shaking like a leaf in the wind) all the stories, expectations, and projections that others have thrown onto you like layers of paint are stripped away. Blasted off. Dematerialized. It doesn’t matter if the source of these stories was love or wounding. They are just gone. Poof! They can’t serve you because they were obscuring your Light, and this New World brooks no half-truths.

This New Moon is incredibly alchemical. Tania Gabriel tells us that since this is the final of 5 New Moons in a row occurring at 15 degrees (the number of the alchemist) of consecutive signs, that yesterday’s New Moon is finally releasing the alchemical shifts that have built up since early December out into the world.

What we often forget is that alchemy hurts, when we are being alchemized.

During the summer 2017 eclipse season, I channeled a ritual for my Rainbow Alchemy Circle in which we were all to make a kind of cape covered in the judgments of others about us, the stories they were attempting to paint us with. We were to stand in a small circle (I used a hula hoop) representing our old existence while wearing those stories on our cape, then to step out of the circle and drop the cape as we went. (Then ritually burn the cape.) As I was writing the above message, I understood that the Aries New Moon portal is just like that ritual portal that I had channeled for my alchemical circle.

I love it when things come full circle!

Now, your ritual doesn’t need to look like this. It could be much less elaborate, with just a few words on something you can hold over your shoulders and then let fall. No need for a hula hoop; just stepping through a doorway with one giant step and dropping the “cape” is good enough. Allow the sense of freedom to penetrate!

Here’s the more granular astrological information if you’re into that; I wanted to keep it separate from the rest of the post in case you’re not!

As the first New Moon of the new solar year (our calendars have marked January first as the start of the year only for a small handful of centuries; for millennia the Vernal Equinox was the obvious beginning of the year). Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and when the Sun moves into Aries, it represents rebirth. The season of Spring begins. It’s a time of initiation in all the senses: new beginnings and new challenges. This year in particular (with the very Piscean energies still at play, including Mercury Retrograde, at the actual Equinox on 20 March), this New Moon is like a do-over for the runner coming off the blocks into a new cycle.

Moreover, the potency of this Aries New Moon is amplified because of other planetary alignments connecting to it: a challenging square to Saturn, the South Node, and Pluto all in Capricorn and essentially at the same degrees where they will be early next January when Jupiter joins up with them, a heavenly event predicted to have such power on our individual and collective lives that astrologers have been looking forward to it for decades! This New Moon, like the Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse on 5 January this year, is here to help us prepare for the “Big One” in January.

Additionally, this New Moon features an extra-powerful Jupiter in his home sign of Sagittarius and nearly stopped in the sky, further amplifying the expansion this planet typically offers.. There are massive opportunities associated with this moment in the year. If you know your birth chart, you can look for these spots in your chart: 24 Sag, 20-23 Capricorn, 15 Aries, and 22 Cancer where the North Node is located. Look at the house placements in your chart of these degrees.

At this New Moon we find the luminaries (Sun and Moon) together at the heart of Aries–the youthful masculine, acting on impulse, instinct, and drive–squaring Saturn, the mature masculine, who likes to be deliberate and take his time. Emily Tinkaus says to use the energy of the April Fool (the innocent, as in the Fool of the Tarot, insouciantly dancing along the edge of the cliff) to counterbalance all of the cynicism of the Capricorn collection of older, slower, and potentially scarier planets. But really, if you’ve stepped through your portal, these cynical elements are no longer having any effect.

Because of the difficulty of these times—no doubt related to the karmic gunk coming up with the South Node – Pluto conjunction—it’s important to look to the Cancer North Node and ruling planet the Moon for guidance and inspiration.

Open your intuitive channels as wide as they will go, and look for soul nourishment wherever you can (it might happen in your “family” however you define that) especially in the areas of creativity and imagination.

Best wishes for the portal-jumping! Let me know if you need assistance with it.

Own Your Magick,

P.S.: Because of the extreme potency of this moment, it’s important to not miss out on the opportunity to set powerful intentions. The ideal time is from now until the end of the night Sunday night. I suggest doing your release ritual first, and then make your wishes/set your intentions.

I’m on Facebook every day doing livestreams where I am offering Crystalline support to those wanting to have help anchoring or catalyzing their intentions. Requests will only be honored while I’m live on the call, so if you desire support, please join me. I have been doing one per day since the beginning of the month. I may slow down the rhythm after the weekend; we’ll see.

Come and tag people who would love that kind of thing.