Cancer New Moon Crystals


Sun-Moon at 18 Degrees of Cancer
Worth the Wait, I Trust!

The Cancer New Moon was exact at 9:16 pm Eastern Time on 9 July. Yes, that was a while back [snort!], but hear me out.

On that Friday about 10 hours prior to the New Moon, I took my sweet puppy Sabine in for her next round of shots. Well, she had a bad reaction (huge lump at injection site) AND in a possibly-unrelated-but-discovered-simultaneously thing, her joints started sounding like a bag full of Scrabble tiles every time she moved. She was in so much pain that she wouldn’t let anyone touch her. The vet determined that she was growing too quickly and that her ligaments weren’t able to keep up.

At the same time, I was in a lot of pain, and even before my baby dog’s health issues, was not looking forward to a long travel day out west with my daughter on Wednesday. Interesting mirror, right? Well, after Sabine’s terrifying jangly joints, I was not going to leave her, but it took 22 hours to get anyone to address my needs which, of course, couldn’t be resolved on the airline site.

All that to say that this blog–which I had begun over 24 hours before the New Moon–was no longer the focus of my attention. Sunday and Monday were about trying to get her to a better place, and to change my travel plans. Tuesday (the 13th) was a lovely Venus-Mars conjunction day where the Divine Lovers met in fiery Leo and I did 3 Gemini Eclipse Readings. (They were amazing, btw, and I’ve been meaning to say more about them, but this moonth has been kind of nuts for me! If your curiosity is piqued, please click here.)

Within days and while the rest of the family was in Utah, I injured my meniscus so badly that I couldn’t walk, drive, or take care of Princess Pop Rocks (thus she was dubbed by the vet staff, because to the tech that’s what her joints sounded like). My friend had to come take us to her house for a few days because we were in such a sorry state.

We are both well now! I am walking without a cane or brace (though I keep that knee compressed and iced most of the time) and Sabine is quite a bit better. (Lump is mostly gone, as is the jangle; that mirroring is still making my jaw drop.) I’m full of gratitude for all of the relief–both physical and emotional–that these weeks have brought. And now–better late than never, I trust–here is the Cancer New Moon crystal reading that I was so excited to share before my whole world slid sideways.

The crystals that came to support us all for this Cancer New Moon are the following (there are 9 in all; one triple and one double):

Triple Dragon’s Eye—deep, earthy, ancient-future feminine wisdom & magick that packs a manifestation wallop! The fact that it’s a triple at this Cancer New Moon suggests the Triple Goddess: Maiden, Mother, Crone, and a return of Old Ways. This also speaks of Pluto’s opposition to the Sun/Moon in the sky right now. What is being transformed in your life? (If you know your birth chart, find the house which contains 18 degrees of Cancer to see where this transformation is likely to occur; for me it’s the 7th house of partnership.)

You might also want to come up with as many qualities of Dragon off the top of your heart (don’t think or second-guess). Just say “dragons are blank, blank, blank, blank, blank, blank, blank, and blank.” That’s 8 blanks, but you could go up to 15, just for fun. It’s hard to keep that many in your head, so I suggest writing them down.

After you’re done with your list of dragon qualities, look back at the list and giggle because Dragon is holding up the mirror (there it is again!) to let you know that you are all these things! If some of them seem over-the-top, just chalk it up to Dragons’ superior wisdom; they’ve been around a lot longer than you or I have in this incarnation.

Double Labradorite—just in case triple Dragon’s Eye wasn’t enough of a message about magick, Labradorite comes in with more support for seeing beyond the surface and to the truth behind appearances. Look for the magick in you and in your life, for it is surely there! Labradorite is also known as the Temple of the Stars stone, the Temple of the Stars being the Akashic Records. How could connecting deeply with your Soul Essence be of use to you right now?

These 5 stones speak to magick + manifestation, and deep, ancient, cosmic and interdimensional forces that have come to assist humanity during this paradigm shift. Along with the bookend stone (Bloodstone) they make up the heart of the message and support from the crystalline realm.

Whereas the multiples ask us to receive this help and see the magick within ourselves and not outside of us, the Bloodstone is all about what we bring to the table: namely, the courage to persevere and keep heading into the great Unknown.

Bloodstone bolsters the heart and intuition, helping us to face the Mystery into which we are walking with trust and faith. When we know we are guided and supported, it’s easier to put one foot in front of the other! If you’re reading this, you can know that you opted into the vanguard for this lifetime, leading the way for others to come after you whether you know it—or them—or not.

I’m not surprised to see the Dragon’s Eye (that Pluto sitting in Capricorn, fire under the mountain on its pile of gold asking what needs to die in order for the new you/new world to be birthed) and Labradorite, as these really are the energies of Now. I’m loving the Bloodstone opposite, because this is one of the stones of the Great Mother in the 13-Moon Mystery School; it speaks to the Great Magick of the ability to create new life, and the life-force and wisdom contained in women’s Moon Blood dripping on the green Earth. Cancer is the sign of the Great Mother Goddess, of course. This is an Earth element stone that grounds the heart so that it can be steady.

The other 3 stones offer us some suggestions on how to open up to receive the cosmic, magickal wisdom and assistance so that we can keep moving into that Mystery.

First is Lepidolite, known as the Stone of Peace. It’s a heart stone made of Lithium to balance the mood, and Mica to remind you to let your Light shine, as it’s especially important as a guide for others in the dark. When combined with Bloodstone, this can lighten up the heart considerably, taking the edge off of fear and giving a glowing aura to our Courage.

Second is Hematite, yet another Root chakra stone that refers to blood (its high iron content leaves a red mark of a streak plate). Hematite is deeply grounding and balancing. I like to think of Hematite as a combination of gravity boots to keep our feet on the ground when this feel topsy-turvy, and Wonder Woman’s bracelets that can knock bullets away. Hematite’s shiny, shiny surface is great at reflecting negativity right back to the sender. Update: a few days after writing this, I told a Gemini Eclipse Reading client that Hematite was like a weighted blanket. I didn’t ‘know” this until it came out of my mouth, haha. But I love that metaphor, too: how you can feel both comforted and in a place of total surrender to REST. Just hand over all the cares and worries that you’ve been dragging around. Ahhhh…..

Finally, we have Carnelian. This is a(nother) fire element stone. It helps us to make decisions and take action. It’s a great energy booster, and helps us to get over our resistance and just do what needs to be done. It reminds us of the adage “god helps those who help themselves” which to me speaks of momentum, which Courage requires: when we are doing things in the flow of activity, it’s easy to take the steps suggested by our guides. It’s harder to take steps when we’re sitting cross-legged on our meditation cushions…

If you are ready to claim your destiny as a spiritual warrior, moving into the Mystery to pull the future forward with steady steps and a peaceful heart, then you’re perfectly aligned with this message. I love how this pull demonstrates that we are connected to the cosmos and the Earth under our feet through the heart.

Tomorrow is the first of the harvest festivals, Lughnasadh (also known as Lammas or “loaf mass” when the Church of Rome co-opted Celtic holy days to help people convert from the Earth Goddess to a Sky God).

This is one of the Cross-Quarter Holy Days (all in fixed signs) between Solstices and Equinoxes, one of the acupressure points or spokes in the Wheel of the Year. I like to celebrate these when they are astrologically exact, rather than when they were traditionally celebrated on the first of the month. This year, it’s the 7th of August, happening right before the Lion’s Gate energy peaks on 8/8.

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be offering another station in the Journey of the Sphinx. You may recall that I did one at Beltane (the previous Cross-Quarter day). Find the Beltane Passage here. That leg of the journey was incredibly potent (read: not for everyone; highly transformational!) but if you’re here reading this and are feeling called, please check it out. It includes a channeling on the Sphinx and her relationship to the rebirth of the Divine Feminine.

I’ll have more to say about the Lughnasadh/Lion’s Gate Passage next time, but mark your calendars for Saturday the 7th. We’ll be channeling and journeying. Last year’s Lion’s Gate event was a multi-parter called Alchemy of the Star, and it was an energetic precursor to the December Solstice’s massive inauguration of a New Reality on the planet. (The 3-part event for that was called Rupture and we ended at Rapture. Pretty amazing if I do say so myself.)

Thanks for reading my catch-up blog with all of the magick and transformation (not to mention support!) available in the stones. Which ones are resonating most with you as we complete the final week of this Cancer lunation? I’d love to hear.

Own Your Magick! And happy harvest festival.

May our Winged Hearts fly free, today and for all time.