Redefining Saturn at the Capricorn Full Moon

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Full SuperMoon in the Sign of the Sea-Goat Marks the End of Eclipse Season

Can I get an AMEN?! Whew! This Eclipse Season was even more intense than usual.

All Eclipse Seasons (a. six-or eight-week. period beginning two weeks prior. to the first eclipse and ending 2 weeks after the final one) are intense. They all bring to light what has been unseen. or previously hidden on purpose. They have a Uranian feel in that they offer sudden shifts, reversals, breakthroughs, and epiphanies. It’s a time of massive death-and-rebirth, sometimes literally. Eclipse seasons offer portals where new wisdom is more accessible, and some bright-star incarnations end.

THIS eclipse season, however. was much more than that.

Inside the 6-week window of thinner veils, we also. had a Solstice (moment of Solar downloads, especially if this was a Summer Solstice for you), a massive Uranus activation through an exact square with Saturn, several planets appearing to stop dead in the sky, AND a Mercury Retrograde period, which helps you. to. be. more in tune with your intuition, as your intellect is de-fragging.

That was a lotta lotta cosmic energy, and it ended with a bang: 2021’s final Super Full Moon, as if to blow as much magick and otherworldly wisdom through the wormhole as it was closing.


My guides are telling me that instead of a tiny intuitive upgrade, everyone got a big one. (Whether they want to be more intuitive or not.)

AND, because these eclipses were total or close to it, the intensity of the revelations/downloads was more acute.

What can we perceive when the regular lights go out and different ones shine?

If you feel like all of humanity could use a few deep breaths, a salt bath, and a gentle massage to recover from this, I’m with you.

Be gentle with yourself. Now that the Sun has moved into Cancer, this is the time for self-nourishment anyway.

What are the ways in which you would like to nourish yourself? Put your hand on your heart, get quiet, and ask your body what kind of pause for integration it would like.

Everyone needs one, but not everyone will give themselves that gift. What flavor will yours be, Wise One?

I have some suggestions below, but before that, there’s much more to say about this dynamic Super Full Moon/Full SuperMoon.

{If you’re not into astrology, or don’t have time to read this post in its entirety right now, feel free to skip down to the image of the crystals; you can always come back to read more, right?}

This Full Moon opposition was at 3 Capricorn (Sun at 3 Cancer). That degree of Capricorn for me. is one degree inside my first house, so this Moon’s themes apply to who I am. If you know your birth time, look for where 3 Capricorn falls in your chart.

The astrology for this SuperMoon was pretty amazing, even considering the cosmic weather recently.

In a Full Moon chart, you’re going to expect 2 oppositions: Moon opposite Sun, and South Node opposite North Node.

This chart has that and more! We’ve got Divine Feminine Venus in Cancer opposite transformational Pluto still reshaping or terraforming Capricorn within 1 degree (intense!!). I say terraforming because Capricorn is being remade while Pluto is here. The Record Keepers had a lot to say about it in this channeling done when Saturn was just entering Capricorn in December of 2017.

We’ve also got Mars in Leo opposite Saturn in Aquarius, turning the already-intense square of Saturn to Uranus (exact for the second out of three times this year on the 14th of this month) into a T-square. Because things weren’t extreme enough…! Saturn and Mars are traditionally known as the “malefics” (the bad planets), though I don’t subscribe to this. Paired with Uranus the Wild Card, this is quite a “dynamic” energy signature.

When we have a tough T-square like this, the best way to deal with it is by looking for the “missing leg” (it’s not really missing) which in this case would be in Scorpio. This is a sign of emotional depths, so feeling your feelings and taking a salt bath might be in order. Other good Scorpio-inspired healing options are an appointment with your therapist/a deep and vulnerable conversation with a trusted friend, or sex.

Go deep to uncover the buried treasure.

There’s so much more to say here, especially about the inner vs. outer polarity of the Cancer-Capricorn axis (drawn by the Full Moon and underscored by Venus opposite Pluto). Cancer traditionally represents the mother, the interior, the home. Likewise, Capricorn traditionally represents the father or outer authority, plus your work in the world.

But Capricorn is shifting to reclaim its feminine signature. Authority given to others is shifting to a reclamation of self-authority. More than ever, career is not located outside the home; the pandemic really redefined work/life balance to be less like opposites and more like a continuum; even one where the two “ends” meet.

How can we see in/out, home/career, short-term/long-term, past/future as fluid and working in tandem and creating wholeness rather than as opposites facing off? Working this out is one of our cosmic assignments for this moment in time.

There is also a Kite formation based on the Grand Fire Trine (Mars, Chiron, and the South Node) with Saturn opposite Mars and two sextiles from Saturn to Chiron on one side and the South Node on the other. The kite activates the trine which can be happy or even lazy. So these planets are goosed to take action by the Mars-Saturn opposition.

There’s a lot more going on in the sky right now (including the aforementioned planetary stations (when they stop in the sky to seemingly switch directions), but there’s so much to say about this Full Moon that I’ll stop here.

Here are the crystals that came to help us to both understand and deal with the intensity of this Super Full Moon.

There were 5 stones in all that came to support us for the Capricorn Full Moon. Five is the number of balance, pivoting, revolution. The emotion associated with Capricorn is fear (Cancer the crab is concerned with security). They were, from biggest to smallest:

  • Mookaite
  • Lepidolite
  • Carnelian
  • Amazonite
  • Bloodstone

I was surprised/not surprised to see Mookaite show up, as there’s very little in my bowl, but its energy and meaning are SO needed for right now! This is an amazing form of Jasper originating only in Western Australia. While most Euro crystal experts would pick clear quartz as the single stone to have if stranded on a desert island, Aboriginal healers laugh and insist that Mookaite is all you ever need.

I channeled the energy of Mookaite once for my Crystal Crush program, because there’s very little said about it in the in the classic books and articles about crystalline properties. What I received was a sense of pure, deep, ancient grandfatherly love. There was enough structure there to hold you in your creations (structure is a key word for Saturn, the presiding deity for this Capricorn Full Moon), but not enough to feel limited or restricted.

What little is said about Mookaite in crystal books tends to be about it supporting the lower 3 chakras, and possibly even providing a DNA reset to “factory settings” (before things like fear and free radicals did their worst). My sense was that all of this and more was true–that Mookaite leads us back to such a deep love–both grounded and cosmic–that we can’t help but know ourselves to be embraced as perfect and without fault.

My guides tell me that this is the true (pre- and post-Patriarchal) energy of Saturn. That, during these millennia of rigid, hierarchical thinking, the energy of the masculine elder was seen as judging and punitive rather than its true face: loving and embracing. That Saturn’s rings–currently seen as causes for fear, as restrictive, as limitations, as a NO–are really an “I’ve got your back, so have no fear” loving embrace. Wow.

(I’m pausing here with an image of Mookaite to let that message sink in. . . for me as much as for you. Polished or tumbled Mookaite feels like washed silk–so deliciously soft to the touch, yet still a hard stone.)

In my system for reading crystalline messages, the multiple or biggest stone is the main message, blended with that of the smallest stone. Any stones in between provide more detail.

Here, the smallest stone was Bloodstone: a grounding heart stone of Courage that speaks to the spiritual warrior in us and tells her or him to take heart and keep going, even if you can’t see what’s coming. I love that this directly addresses the fear that Capricorn is associated with!

For me, then, the main message of this pull is “Take heart. Have courage because you are more loved, embraced, and perfect than you know. You can take the lead because we have your back.”

How to do this is illustrated through the additional stones of purple Lepidolite (the Stone of Peace some call it, because of its high lithium content and ability to balance emotions–germane here as a counterweight to the fear), the orange Carnelian which promotes taking action (a good way to deal with fear is to take one small or large step towards addressing it) and Amazonite.

Like Bloodstone and Lepidolite, Amazonite is a heart stone. It’s one of two courage stones in my bowl, along with Bloodstone. It gives you the courage to speak your personal truth, and even the best words for expressing what’s on your heart.

The specific instructions, then, for how to keep going in the face of fear are to take action, speak your personal truth, and to allow your heart to be at peace with the process.

I hope that you’ll let these stones be your guides as we move through this very intense period.

N.B.: Even if you’re not feeling fearful yourself, if you’re reading this, you’re an empath. There’s a lot of fear swirling out there due to highly-transmissible Delta variant, political instability (in the US at least), and astro-turbulence of Eclipse Season and the THREE planetary stations we’ve had this week: Jupiter, Mercury, and Neptune, all since the Solstice! Planets are not in the habit of stopping and turning around, so one in a given month is a lot. Three in a single week. . . well, I don’t have to tell you because you’re feeling it too. It’s a lot of discombobulation at the very least.

So, allow yourself to receive the influx of courage and love (4 of 5 stones in this pull were heart-activating!) and to keep on going through these unsettling times.

The mythic Capricorn Sea-Goat–climbing into visibility and up toward the heavens while at the same time maintaining a tail dipped in the Sea of Consciousness–can show us how. Climbing a sheer cliff is scary for sure, but if we maintain our connection to All That Is, we will be sustained, comforted, and guided. Remember that UNICORN represents Capricorn’s highest vibration: integrity, purity, healing, Love.

I said earlier that I’d have some suggestions for ways to nourish yourself and pause for integration after this wild ride we’ve been on.

If you’re really feeling the security/insecurity continuum (normal in Cancer-Capricorn season), may I suggest working in your Akashic Records? I recently heard Richard Rudd of Gene Keys fame note that security is a matter of happiness with your life (The 64 Ways, GK 38).

Ascertaining what you came here to do in this lifetime–and knowing that you’re doing it (or how to get there if you’re not yet) is a huge gift to yourself. It brings comfort, resolution, confirmation, inspiration, and practical steps to take to help you live every day as your true essence-self.

My Wisdom Portals (work in your Akashic Records plus an integration to help you fit it all into your life) are still 40% off. The economy is recovering, but humanity is still in this entre-deux period of shift where many are thirsty for clarity, so my guides tell me to keep the offer going.

Here’s an email I received from a woman minutes after we completed her integration call earlier this week:

“Thank you again Elizabeth for your time, talent and session. I haven’t felt this good and excited in awhile. You have truly given me a new lease on life.

I love being an instrument in giving people a new lease on life! Truly. You can’t buy these on the website but must talk to me to see if we’re a good match for working together, so if this is speaking to you, let’s set up a time to talk.

If you’re not quite ready for a full Wisdom Portal to get your burning questions answered, why not join me for a Gemini Eclipse Reading?

Back by Popular Demand!

Discover how you have shifted and evolved during the just elapsed Eclipse Season with a few pre-set questions in your Akashic Records. Includes a crystal pull to assist with integration and a deeper understanding of the meaning.

You’ll be taken to a calendar to schedule your time on the other side of the payment portal.

I didn’t know that this re-visioning of Saturn was going to come through for today, but it’s funny because Saturn is currently retrograde (along with Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto; Mercury having just turned direct). Whenever a planet appears to be moving backwards, it’s good to apply the “re-” words to it. Saturn is about structure, so how can we re-structure our thinking around Saturn, authority, rules, TIME (this Saturn theme has been in flux for a while now), the past, fatherhood, the Patriarchy, and more?

Use the stones, and let me know how this is landing with you.

Finally, a message from my guides about the kite in the Full Moon chart. There’s a lot that feels heavy and hard at this super-intense supermoon.

Lean into the North Node in Gemini where a light breeze is blowing and tap into the delight of flying a kite! If a kite doesn’t do it for you, think of butterflies, hummingbirds, dolphins, or any other creature that makes your heart sing with joy and delight.

Gaia is moving through some serious density right now, so it’s important to call upon these beautiful and carefree energies to assist us on our path toward freedom.

This is where the MAGICK is!

May our Winged Hearts fly ever free.

P.S.: About the crystals: you don’t need to have access to these physical stones if you don’t have them. Unless you feel called, there’s no directive to go out and bring one or more into your home. Simply by looking at the photo and reading their message, you are receiving their love, guidance, and support. Intention to receive expands the power of connection, but isn’t necessary for the support to occur. If you do have some of these stones in a personal community, you can wear, carry, or sit with them, of course.

P.P.S.: About the Akashic Records: any time is a great time to work with them, but this time right now is especially propitious with all the portal openings in place right now. Check out the Wisdom Portal  Activation (40% off) and/or the Gemini Eclipse Reading (much smaller in scope but still incredibly powerful) if you’re feeling called.