Moonstone Magic + Happy Friday the 13th!

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(oops! This didn’t get posted last night…) Can you believe it’s June already? My daughter’s been out of school for a few weeks, and we went for a visit to my parents’ place for 5 days of cousin-palooza, since it was timed for when my sister + her crew were there. I know it’s summer and we’re all feeling a … Read More

Oracles Aren’t Coaches

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It’s springtime in my part of the world. All the fruit trees are in full bloom; daffodils, redbuds, forsythia, camellias, pink magnolias are all trumpeting the glory of the new season. It’s a time for renewal. For growth. For new beginnings. It’s a time to sweep away the old to make room for the new. To examine what doesn’t fit … Read More

My Secret Weapons

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If you know me, then you know that I’m all about living into your own Divinity to make your life—and your business—flow.   One of my favorite tools for supporting myself energetically—and by that I mean, to help give me the energy I need to move forward when I don’t have it within me at the moment, for whatever reason—is crystal … Read More

Virgo Full Moon Thursday: Get Organized!

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Thursday 8 March is the Full Moon in Virgo: an excellent time to get organized! Use the power of this moon-phase and placement to organize your space, and your ideas. What have you outgrown, physically or energetically? Toss it now (or give it away to be loved again) and introspection. As the Moon waxes (moves toward Full), this is a … Read More

Stone of the Day for 6 March: Tiger Eye!

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Today’s stone, in honor of a whole constellation of reasons, is Tiger Eye, Keyword: Balance. Today is Super Tuesday in the US: where a whole slew of states, including mine (GA) are holding primary elections. It is also a Leo Moon (Lion/Tiger–get it?), and a Venus sextile Neptune day, in which we might be tempted to idealize (Neptune) Love (Venus). … Read More