(W)holeness: Channeled Wisdom at the Virgo Full Moon

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Virgo Full Moon Greetings! When I asked my Guides what to talk to you about on this Virgo Full Moon day, they immediately said wholeness vs fullness. (W)holeness. We humans don’t use even 10% of our brains at this time. We Westerners numb ourselves out with food, sex, alcohol, TV, the internet. We disconnect from the healing power of the … Read More

Tips for Shining Brightly at the Solstice

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I wish you a Brilliant Solstice, be it Summer or Winter in your neck of the world! In the northern hemisphere tomorrow (tonight in some regions) is the Summer Solstice. This is like the Full Moon of the year: brightest illumination and maximum manifestation powers. (If you live on the other side of the equator from me, this is like … Read More

Claim Your Authority for the Capricorn Full Moon (Oracle Message on True Nature of Leadership)

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Last month with my Oracle Circle, we did a Group Oracle Consultation (aka live channeling) on the True Nature of Leadership. Wow! The whole message was 98 minutes long (that’s right, over one and a half hours), but I’ve pulled out the initial message for you, which captures the gist of the while thing, plus added some other gems that … Read More

Akashic Wisdom on Up-leveling in Business

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Hey there! I recently did another amazing live channeling with a few of my Mastermind clients. They wanted to know more information about how to deal with up-leveling in business, since they are all going through that on a massive scale. The Keepers had lots to say about up-leveling in general, as well as best practices for creating partnerships, and … Read More

Revelations from the Live Channeling on Commitment!

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Wow. WOW. TRIPLE WOW!!! Don’t miss this amazing channeling from the Akashic Records of Commitment. OMBuddha. This channeling knocked my private clients OUT. And the info was so needed that you’ll hear that I’m talking faster than I naturally could at the beginning: it’s like the Keepers wouldn’t let me take a breath or slow down lest I’d lose some … Read More