Get Out of the Driver’s Seat!

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People have been asking me a lot about surrender and how you co-create with your Higher Self. Really, the answer is that you are ALWAYS co-creating with the Universe, and that when you run into struggle, it’s when you’re trying (your ego is trying) to take over when it shouldn’t. Here’s the scenario that the Records gave me: Think of … Read More

Akashic Truth on 2013 for Women Entrepreneurs

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Last week I did an Akashic Records Live Group Channeling on what the year 2013 has in store for fem-preneurs. I’ll be posting the audio file soon, but in the meantime, here’s a loose transcript. Enjoy, and don’t forget to leave your questions and comments below! The most important things to know about how to be successful in 2013: Keep … Read More

Finding Balance with the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

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Here at the beginning of Libra–sign of the scales and balance in all things, kicked off by the exact moment of equality between day and night–is the perfect time to be talking about Balance, Equality, and the Divine Feminine. Lots of people have been talking about the Divine Feminine lately–for the past few years or so–and with reason. There’s a … Read More

Dry Spell Gettin’ You Down? It’s Actually a Sacred Gift!

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Have you been having a dip in income recently? You’re not alone. I’ve been hearing it from everyone, and I talk to lots of people all over the world. According to the Akashic Records, there’s more than just the typical summertime-lull going on here. We’re in 2012, so there are massive energetic shifts underway, and as entrepreneurs we’re feeling it! … Read More

Akashic Wisdom on STRUGGLE: What it Means, How to Use it, How to Avoid it + How to End it!

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Happy 4th of July! I’ve been experiencing heaps of struggle this week (something I’m not used to!). Because of that, and because of today’s freedom theme, I thought I’d share with you the wisdom of the Akashic Records on Struggle from the June live channeling with my private coaching clients. Around Memorial Day, I shared what they had to say … Read More

“Breathing In the Stars”–A Channeled Exercise to Connect with All That Is

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Hi, there! This is a meditation similar to the Divine Love Bubble*: in that it was channeled from the Akashic Records for one, but mostly because it helps to keep you feeling unconditionally loved and supported by the Universe. It’s really quick + easy and you can do it anytime. It also helps you to be more intuitive because more … Read More