“The Entrepreneur’s Spiritual Toolbox, Part 1: Using the Energy of Play for Fun and Profit”

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Have you ever had the urge to go up to someone who’s meditating and just tickle them relentlessly?! Um… probably not. Where spirituality is concerned, reverence is often the most natural response. A spiritual person is someone seen as tranquil, centered, living in quiet harmony with the Universe. Someone whose energy is focused inwardly, and definitely not to be disturbed … Read More

Big, Big, BIG Full Moon in Leo (+ what it means to you)

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Today, 7 February 2012, there’s a BIG Full moon in Leo. You may be feeling frisky and risky! So, why is this Full Moon so big? Well, it’s the players, really. And any Full Moon can make you a little edgy (this is where the word “looney” comes from, after all), but this one especially. It’s in Leo this month, … Read More

Happy New Year Newsletter!


Indigo Light Newsletter Volume 2.20 31 December 2011   New Year’s Edition!  Please forward this to anyone you know who might benefit or be interested Hello again from Bangkok! As the clock ticks down to 2012, I can hardly settle down to write this final missive of the year to you, dear one! The rush of new energy coming in is … Read More