Sometimes, Human Are Like Cell Phones

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Hey there, Rockstar!   Can I just take a moment to celebrate that as of today’s New moon in Aries, we are officially out of eclipse season? It’s been the perfect set of circumstances to bring me to my edgy edge, but boy, am I looking forward to a little relief! So, if you’re anything like me, this eclipse season … Read More

Oracles Aren’t Coaches

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It’s springtime in my part of the world. All the fruit trees are in full bloom; daffodils, redbuds, forsythia, camellias, pink magnolias are all trumpeting the glory of the new season. It’s a time for renewal. For growth. For new beginnings. It’s a time to sweep away the old to make room for the new. To examine what doesn’t fit … Read More

Live Channeling on the “Star of David” Portal of 29 July 2013

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This past Monday saw an extraordinary astrological event come to pass: what is known as the “Star of David” or Merkaba formation: two Grand Trines in Water and Earth intersecting each other in harmonious aspects. I wanted to know more, so set up a Live Channeling to get some questions answered. We had people attend this no-cost event from all … Read More

The Akashic Records and Leadership

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I just LOVE talking about the Akashic Records. How they changed my life in nothing flat: 19.5 months from first contact to pulling me out of a career (the guaranteed-job-for-life kind of career, where I had won many awards and lots of accolades) that I was pretty jazzed about most of the time. How they can fix broken hearts, of … Read More

Live Channeling on Spirit Guides

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According to the Akashic Records as channeled by my mentor Jen Eramith, this week the veil between the material world and the Spirit world is thinner than usual, so expect lots of intuitive hits, “coincidences” and the like. It’s also a great time to be paying close attention to the subtle messages that the Universe is sending you. In light … Read More

My Secret Weapons

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If you know me, then you know that I’m all about living into your own Divinity to make your life—and your business—flow.   One of my favorite tools for supporting myself energetically—and by that I mean, to help give me the energy I need to move forward when I don’t have it within me at the moment, for whatever reason—is crystal … Read More

Are You Taking Away Your Own Power?

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Here’s one of the things that I know to be true: we always have a choice. I’m fond of saying that free will—the freedom to choose and make our own mistakes—is the “prime directive” of the human experience.   (Yes, I’ll admit it: I totally geek out on Star Trek and other sci-fi adventures. Love Yoda, I do. And I’m … Read More

Channeling on Fear in Business

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This week’s post is of a channeling I did with my Mastermind clients about fear in business. Frankly, there were a few surprises for me! One of the first things to come out is that fear in business isn’t all bad, as I had been suggesting of late. That it CAN be a catalyst. So, I stand corrected. However, you’re … Read More