Welcome to the Solar Feminine Age!

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    Hello and beautiful Saturday to you! I’m in what can only be described as a radiant mood.   You see, today Venus and the Sun (and Moon, though she’s moving away since yesterday’s New Moon Solar/Lunar conjunction) are together in the sky, lighting each other up. And while it’s not completely simultaneous, within a few days from now, … Read More

Purification, Renewal + Growth at Beltane–Come Grow with Me

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Happy Beltane! Happy Full Moon in Scorpio!   If you haven’t come to this conclusion already, this is a pretty intense weekend! Anything having to do with Scorpio (the sign of death, rebirth, debt, taxes, transformation) is pretty intense, but this one is especially so because it is in a tight aspect to Jupiter (the planet that e-x-p-a-n-d-s everything it … Read More

Live Channeling on the “Star of David” Portal of 29 July 2013

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This past Monday saw an extraordinary astrological event come to pass: what is known as the “Star of David” or Merkaba formation: two Grand Trines in Water and Earth intersecting each other in harmonious aspects. I wanted to know more, so set up a Live Channeling to get some questions answered. We had people attend this no-cost event from all … Read More

Mercury Turns Retrograde on Monday!

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What, already? Yup. We’ve had a lot going on in the skies these days what with the Virgo Full Moon on Thursday 8 March. I hope you took advantage of the power of this moon-phase and placement to organize your space, and your ideas. For more info and the perfect crystals to help you in this process in case you … Read More

Virgo Full Moon Thursday: Get Organized!

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Thursday 8 March is the Full Moon in Virgo: an excellent time to get organized! Use the power of this moon-phase and placement to organize your space, and your ideas. What have you outgrown, physically or energetically? Toss it now (or give it away to be loved again) and introspection. As the Moon waxes (moves toward Full), this is a … Read More

Stone of the Day for 6 March: Tiger Eye!

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Today’s stone, in honor of a whole constellation of reasons, is Tiger Eye, Keyword: Balance. Today is Super Tuesday in the US: where a whole slew of states, including mine (GA) are holding primary elections. It is also a Leo Moon (Lion/Tiger–get it?), and a Venus sextile Neptune day, in which we might be tempted to idealize (Neptune) Love (Venus). … Read More