Happy 11/11 Portal Day + Weaving a New Dream


Happy 11/11 Portal Day! This is a great day to step through the energetic portal into a new reality IF you chose to consciously intend and weave a new dream. And honestly, if you get this email too late in the day to take advantage, know that the entire month of November carries 11/11 energy this year, so you didn’t … Read More

Radical healing, SO needed since Orlando + Solstice recap


Beautiful one– I hope you had a gorgeous Solstice/Full Moon last week. I did, and that high point of the solar year (it was Summer for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere) lit a fire under me.   I was in the middle of writing you a Love Note to celebrate this High Holy Day, and like a muffin … Read More

LGBT = Lightworker


LGBT = Lightworker (whether they identify as such or not) It has become clear to me in the 2 days since the shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, that the LGBT community, whether they identify as such or not, is a community of Lightworkers.   Everyone who lives his or her gender differently from the so-called “norm” is standing … Read More

Libra New Moon Opportunities


New Moon Blessings upon you!   Wow, this one’s a BIGGIE! We’re had a whole slew of biggies over the past few months, haven’t we? It’s possible that this one feels bigger than it is because we’ve been in this high-intensity series of lunation’s for a while, now, but my sense is that it feels big because it IS big. … Read More

Autumnal Equinox + Blood Moon–September 2015


Happy Equinox!!   (And easy fast if you’re celebrating Yom Kippur today.)   Six months ago at the N Hemisphere’s Vernal Equinox, we had a very rare “exclinox”—a solar eclipse just hours before the equinox was exact. Now we’re deep into eclipse season again—which I probably don’t have to tell you: I’m sure you’ve been feeling it!   Eclipses may … Read More

Welcome to the Solar Feminine Age!

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    Hello and beautiful Saturday to you! I’m in what can only be described as a radiant mood.   You see, today Venus and the Sun (and Moon, though she’s moving away since yesterday’s New Moon Solar/Lunar conjunction) are together in the sky, lighting each other up. And while it’s not completely simultaneous, within a few days from now, … Read More

Right Now. Today. Is a Very. Big. Deal.


I know that I don’t have to tell you that the cosmic energies are unbelievable these days: you know it, I know it, your pets know it, the planet knows it. On a personal scale and on a global scale, a lot of things are feeling disorienting right now. But disorienting doesn’t need to be scary. It’s actually super empowering! … Read More

Purification, Renewal + Growth at Beltane–Come Grow with Me

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Happy Beltane! Happy Full Moon in Scorpio!   If you haven’t come to this conclusion already, this is a pretty intense weekend! Anything having to do with Scorpio (the sign of death, rebirth, debt, taxes, transformation) is pretty intense, but this one is especially so because it is in a tight aspect to Jupiter (the planet that e-x-p-a-n-d-s everything it … Read More

Holy “Eclinox,” Batman!


Woo Hoo! It’s finally here.   Energetically, this is the biggest week of the year, and arguably of many years. On Monday we had the last of 7 exact Uranus-Pluto squares; this has been the astrological headliner for years now. More on this below.   But to make this an even Bigger Show, today is not just the Equinox (vernal … Read More