I am totally gooey and ripe for expansion


I am sitting in the energy of 2015 like I sit in a salt bath. I feel warm, safe, protected, and love relaxing into the power of releasing as the gentle healing waves caress me.   I feel like a completely different person than I was in, say, October.   I am more grounded, more centered, and more surrendered. I … Read More

Beating Hashimoto’s


Three years ago, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. It’s an auto-immune disease, meaning that my own immune system was attacking my thyroid gland as though it were a foreign invader, big time.   Of course, the thyroid regulates the metabolism, so if it’s sluggish, you’re going to be low-energy and overweight. Mine was in the basement! Indeed, the medical … Read More

Copperheads, Citrine, Sunflowers, Leadership, + Leo


I had two copperheads show up on my doorstep last week. The first one was at my back door, right next to my desk. I have to admit that it triggered some panic in me when it kept coming right toward me, even when I moved. It ended up cuddling up against the base of the closed door so that all … Read More

Claim Your Authority for the Capricorn Full Moon (Oracle Message on True Nature of Leadership)

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Last month with my Oracle Circle, we did a Group Oracle Consultation (aka live channeling) on the True Nature of Leadership. Wow! The whole message was 98 minutes long (that’s right, over one and a half hours), but I’ve pulled out the initial message for you, which captures the gist of the while thing, plus added some other gems that … Read More

What Flag Are You Flying?

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  As you may know, July 4th in the U.S. is Independence Day. There are flags everywhere! On buildings, on t-shirts, on banners, on floats; rows of them–mini and full-sized–stuck into lawns edging the streets, even on bottles of bubbly and bags of chips! It’s like the entire country has been spray-painted with the Stars and Stripes.       … Read More

Birth, Death, + Cancer New Moon


  Overnight tonight is the Cancer New Moon. It’s a time to birth new things (ideas, services, products, relationships), so I thought it would be the perfect time to continue the story of my daughter’s birth, that I started telling at Mother’s Day this year. Check it out here.  Remember that I decided not to step off the trolley of … Read More

Fill Up Your Batteries for the Rest of the Year

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Earlier this week I got a hit that an Oracle consultation regarding this weekend’s Solstice (summer for most of you, but winter for those down under). Shazzammm! It had some rockin’, timely info that I’m excited to share with you right now about how to maximize its potent, potent energy:   Solstices are all about celebration, so make sure to … Read More

What’s LOVE Got to Do With It? …Um, EVERYTHING!


Lovelies, Thanks for all the well-wishes, the replies, and the “me, too!”s from the “Oracles Aren’t Coaches” edition last month. I’ve been taking my time with this process, being deliberate and intentional, and that feels good. Lots of self-care and time to rest/recuperate/give my body what it wants while I build the new business. One thing that my body really … Read More

Oracles Aren’t Coaches

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It’s springtime in my part of the world. All the fruit trees are in full bloom; daffodils, redbuds, forsythia, camellias, pink magnolias are all trumpeting the glory of the new season. It’s a time for renewal. For growth. For new beginnings. It’s a time to sweep away the old to make room for the new. To examine what doesn’t fit … Read More