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Happy Solstice! Welcoming a New Season Today

Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere is exact tonight (20 June) at 11:30 pm Eastern. For all points east of the Americas, the seasonal shift will occur on the 21st in your time zone.

Summer Solstice is the equivalent of the Full Moon of the year—the apex of illumination. Illumination=activity=intensity. This is a peak time for seeing and being seen. Since the Solstice also marks the Sun moving into Cancer (cardinal water) it is our official entrée into summer north of the equator. From now on, the light of our star will diminish until it reaches its still point at the Winter Solstice, when the cycle begins again.

Winter Solstice, then, represents the New Moon if we extrapolate the month to the year. (Equinoxes are like the first and final quarter moons in this scenario.) I’m wishing a happy Winter Solstice to all my friends in the Southern hemisphere. For you it’s a great time to be sitting in stillness and setting intentions for the coming 12-month cycle.

If it’s the Winter Solstice for you, listen in the deep silence that surrounds you: this is the year’s most propitious moment for hearing your Guides, or the voice of your heart, the voice of the Earth and stars. Let yourself lie fallow for a while, like the leaves fallen from trees which will turn into rich loam soon. Imbue yourself with quiet stillness; feel in your bones the death-and-rebirth that this moment represents.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What are you birthing?
  • Who are you becoming
  • What wild and untamed goals do you have for yourself or the world this year?

Write them down and commit them to the fire in your Solstice ceremony. Today is the first in a series of fertility rites: a seed-planting.

If it’s your Summer Solstice, today is the final fertility festival of the annual cycle; at the beginning of August we’ll welcome the first of 3 harvest celebrations. By this point in the cycle, you are asked to look back at your Winter Solstice intentions, and to see what’s coming to light.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What will you be harvesting soon?
  • What needs a final breath-of-fire life-force infusion now in order to reach full, juicy ripeness in the coming weeks?
  • Finally, what projects are NOT working out?

Recognize that they need to die in order for the resources you’ve been dedicating to them (time, effort, money) to be redirected to the ones which are bearing fruit.

It’s Eclipse Season—things can turn on a dime right now. Why not partner with the energy of sudden change or quantum leaps to move yourself and your projects forward?

I’ll point out here that working with your Akashic Records is a remarkable and (cost-)effective way to decide where to go or how to pivot. (By cost, I mean resources, including time and life-force).

They are the single best life accelerators I know, always pointing you in the right direction, and giving you the exact steps to take to bring your dreams to fruition. Have you been hesitating because you have a strong hunch, but your mind is telling you that you might be making a big, expensive mistake?

My guides told me in early January of 2020 (before there was a global pandemic) to offer 40% off my Wisdom Portal. When I balked, they told me that people needed guidance more than ever but were going to feel more financially precarious than usual. Well, those rates are still in place. Reach out if you’d like to know more.

Today’s solar event marks 6 months since Planet Earth and her inhabitants really started entering the Age of Aquarius.

Since the “Grand Mutation” at the December Solstice when Saturn and Jupiter were conjunct at the first degree of Aquarius for the first time in many centuries, we’ve been living an ever-more-interesting times. The energies seem more intense, and people are acting out in unprecedented ways.

Things WILL get better, but they are likely to get more unstable before then. if you want to step into the shift in a more intentional way, look back to the December Solstice, when things really kicked off. It’s about feeling more grounded, but also more FREE. (Aquarian values.)

If you missed my “Rupture” event in December (Winter Solstice for me) it’s not too late! Listening to the calls will dop you back in time to December 21st. The three parts are a celebration of the passing of the dying age, a channeling of the new energies coming in, and a drummed journey that takes us through a veil into a blissful (rapturous) future-present that we can all live in if you choose to. Very potent! Check out the Rupture to Rapture event here.

Remember to light your fires to mark this passage in the Wheel of the Year!

I love this practice, because it reminds me that I am a part of all of the cycles of Nature and the Cosmos. Not marking this Solar festival doesn’t exclude me from the cycles, of course—that’s not possible–but I find it terribly empowering to link my energetic field up, consciously, to All That Is and feel all those forces flowing through me.

It doesn’t need to be a huge bonfire! A flame on a candle or an activated crystal grid are just as mighty. The point is to create sacred space and to pay homage to the fiery nature of our system’s star..

Many many Blessings upon you, whether you celebrate the apex or the nadir of Solar Light today.

Own Your Magick.

And may our Winged Hearts fly ever free!!

(That’s me on Beltane 2016 connecting to the forces of Nature [in the form of Pele and Namaka–and the Cosmos.)