Crystal Communion:

A Journey to the Heart of Earth Magick


Are You A Crystal Grid Keeper?

Welcome to the invitation.


Hi. I’m Elizabeth Locey, and my crystal journey in this lifetime began in earnest in late 2008, when I was still an academic, still chair of my department, still more or less attached to a world entrained by the belief that space and time might be knowable.

I had not yet begun my training as a channel of the Akashic Records, although–unbeknownst to me at the time–I had been in and out of them my entire life. My first conscious visit to my own Records was in June of 2010, a month after renouncing tenure and retiring from academia. I was taken to the Hall of Records in Atlantis, and all of the Records were held within crystals. I had spent lifetimes working with them, and was in the full blossoming of remembrance.

Somewhat ironically, perhaps, as I hung out my virtual shingle as an Akashic Records channel and


Crystal Communion is a journey of remembrance and reclamation.