Divine Mommy with Jamie Day
+ Unity of Sarasota Present
3 Events with Elizabeth
February 22, 23, and 24

Hi, I’m Elizabeth, and I am incredibly grateful to Jamie Day of Divine Mommy for inviting me to join you for the weekend of February 22-24. And to Unity of Sarasota for hosting the Friday and Sunday events at their beautiful location. I hope that you’ll join me for one or more events.

Friday 22 February
6 to 7:30 pm at Unity of Sarasota
Workshop: “The Spiritual Activist:
Keys to Leading with Integrity in an Ever-Changing World”

At a time when the world’s elected leaders are more focused on lining their pockets and those of their friends than in supporting human rights or preventing irreversible climate damage, individuals are being called to step into leadership in whatever capacity they can manage. WE ARE THE ONES WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR.

In this workshop I will address how to stand up or STAY standing as a Spiritual Activist in this world which seems immune to Truth, Justice, and Equality. Expect a lively presentation, audience participation, Q+A, and spiritual exercises you can take home with you.

Limited to 25 participants. Attentive children welcome at no charge.

$22 per person


Saturday 23 February
Mini Akashic Records Sessions

SOLD OUT (Get on a waiting list by emailing elizabeth@elizabethlocey.com)

*If you have already reserved your spot but still need to pay, follow the link below. You’ll receive instructions via email upon payment completion. I’m so looking forward to sharing this experience with you!

Sunday 24 February
Unity of Sarasota
Crystal Crush Workshop + Messages from the Crystalline Realm

Limited to 20 people per hour, including children
~Love Offerring~

One of my favorite things is to connect people to the unconditional Love + support of the Crystalline Realm. As above, so below. The Earth plane IS the divine plane because these powerful beings from under our feet choose to come work with us.

Register below to pick an hour for your Crystal Oracle. You can stay as long as you like to learn for from the messages for others. Children are welcomed and encouraged as they connect very deeply with the stones and represent the future of humanity.

To save time, Elizabeth will pull the stones, but once they are identified and their message determined, you get to take them home with you! A general key awaits you on the confirmation page.

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Locey and I’m thrilled that Jamie Day invited me to join you in Sarasota to channel Records, play with crystals, and go deep about the kind of spiritual activism which is being called for these days.

Back when I was an academic, activism felt important, but separate from my “work in the world.” Every night of the first Gulf War I marched in downtown Madison, Wisconsin, but it felt very separate from the graduate degrees I was pursuing.

That was at a time when I was compartmentalizing, a Patriarchal behavior to say the least! (Separating intellect from intuition, work from life, knowledge from wisdom. Thank goodness I’m doing that less and less these days!)

Here’s a little about me: I have a Ph.D. in French Literature and Women’s Studies. I squished a 40-year faculty career into 13 (my favorite number, the number of the Goddess), during which time I won the awards and did the international presentations, and was even chair of my department for over half a decade. On paper, I looked like I had it all together, but success on other people’s terms didn’t make my heart sing.

Having a baby 13 weeks premature was my entree into the Intuitive Life, though I had been channeling an intergalactic walrus-healer on and off for years. Together my daughter and I walked a very fine line between life and death, and I was able to keep my sanity because I was surrounded by Guides telling me not to worry.

Today she is 13, and you’d never know she came into this world weighing just over a pound and a half! She cracked open my heart and blew the doors off what I thought my life could look like. When she was 2, I discovered the Akashic Records, and 9 months later the power of crystals arrived to help me through professional betrayal at the deepest levels (that’s when I set up the bowl I’ll be bringing with me; you can see it above). A few weeks before her fourth birthday I resigned my tenured (guaranteed-salary-for-life) position because I knew I didn’t want to bring any more toxic energy into our home. I had no idea what I was going to do, but I knew I couldn’t keep doing what I had been, for her sake and mine.

So that spring I traded my purple grading pen for a crystal-topped staff + a key to the ethereal archive and I have never looked back.

Let’s change the world together, shall we?