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Celebrating Earth Magick in Virgo Season

Welcome to Virgo Season! Ruled by Mercury the Magician, Virgo is the sign of the Earth Goddess and her priestess tending the Sacred Feminine Temple. Traditionally, this sign is represented by the image of a woman holding a sheaf of wheat. It is a season of celebrating the abundance offered to us by Mother Nature.

Side note: If you’ve been reading my posts for a while, you may recall that Virgo stands for “the virgin priestess,” and that expression pre-dates the Classical Roman notion that “virgin” means sexually inexperienced or chaste.

In fact, in the ancient world, though women did not have many rights, a Virgin Priestess was considered whole and sovereign unto herself. She could own property in her own right and make decisions about her life without the intercession of a husband or father. In that way she had many of the rights of males. Essentially, if you were a Virgin–hello, Mother Mary!–it meant you were a Badass.

As we settle into the Earth Magick temple of Virgo, I am inviting you to a new relationship with crystals.

Over the past year, I have gone through several deep alchemical shifts—in my body, my business, and my personal life. One thread that has remained constant for me has been the unflagging love and support from the crystalline realm.

I cannot overstate how much my perception of the “crystalline realm” has shifted recently. What I mean by this: I “knew” that humans are crystals (if you’ve ever shown up for one of my crystal pulling parties you’ll recall me saying this) and that we are therefore of a kind and unable to differentiate our auras from the auras of the crystals around us. This, in the most basic terms, is why crystal healing “works.”

Well, I really had no idea.

I had been imagining a sort of Venn diagram or Vesica Piscis in which one circle overlaps the other to form an almond shape in the middle. In this almond shape, where my energy field encounters the energy field of a single or multiple crystals, we come into harmonic resonance, with the crystals receiving my energy and I receive theirs.

Earlier this year, imagine my surprise (and, honestly, my embarrassment that I hadn’t understood this before, 13 years into my deep crystalline initiation) when I had a brand new vision of the relationship between liquid-crystal humans (we are made up mostly of water, and water, in its solid form, is obviously crystalline) and what I had been referring to as the “crystalline realm.”

I had been seeing crystals as discrete, separate units, albeit functioning synchronously in unison. But what became clear to me was that, in fact, almost everything we think of as “this planet”—and many parts of the cosmos as well—is crystalline.

Just as fish and sea creatures and underwater plants are held in and move through a liquid (-crystal) we call water, so is all life outside of the water held in a similar, invisible-to-us energy matrix which is also crystalline. Just like we presume fish are unaware of the water they swim in, so are most humans (including me—and I was looking for it!) unaware of the crystalline sea in which we are swimming and alive.

Crystals are not separate but form this golden liquid-y suspension in which all “matter” is held. Of course, matter isn’t really matter: it’s light photons choosing to play at being solid so that we humans can have the Earth experience that we all think of as reality. (Giggle)

All animals. All plants, including every leaf on every tree and bush, and each blade of grass. All the waterways: the oceans, rivers, puddles. The sky, clouds, and the atmosphere in general. Everything we already think of as “earth” under our feet (it’s estimated that 70% is one form of quartz or another, and the rest is other minerals). Just about everything we can imagine or envision in our world is crystalline.

Maybe you’ve known this for a while and are further along in your crystalline awakening than I am. I was simply stunned when I saw it.

I knew in that moment why my guides had been pushing me to for several years to develop an offering called “Crystal Communion.”

I hadn’t understood at first what the true impulse behind it was; I had thought that it was for crystal lovers who wanted to bond more deeply with their crystal companions.

Well, it still IS that, but also so much more.

This new crystalline exploration runs 10 weeks, from 9/9/22 to 11/11/22.

It’s a deep dive into our edgeless selves AS crystals.

Awaken to Oneness with Nature through the portal of Crystals.

Discover the unique crystal with which you share guardian energies in this lifetime and beyond.

Crystal Communion is a deep dive into Oneness (with stones of course, but with each other and with Mother Nature herself).

Crystal Communion is an awakening to the power that we hold as members of our collective.

Crystal Communion is a new, sacred lensing onto our world,  and a coming-into-consciousness of our place in it as crystalline beings.

Honestly, I am not sure I have even got my arms entirely around this yet, and I’ve been working on it for weeks. That’s how mind-bendingly enormous this is, but the Keepers assure me that we can only take in as much as we can process, and the expansion we receive in this space is a big part of the why for joining. (Note that I’m including myself here.)

There really IS no such thing as little ol’ me. This journey is about transforming our beliefs around community and separation at this Turning of the Age; that we “as individuals” are not powerless to change the things we want to change, because when we tap into our crystalline selves, we are not individuals at all but are infinitely powerful in our collective face in creating more GOOD in the world.

Of course, it’s a whole lot too much for today’s humans to be operating as our edgeless crystalline collective selves in every moment of every day. It will take time and practice to expand our minds and our bodies to achieve that, but it is important to start somewhere, and Crystal Communion is a perfect place to do that.

Beloved, we will be breaking new ground here.

If, as you read this, you are feeling the call, consider this your cosmic assignment in the service of human evolution.

If you are feeling the call, read more, feel the energy of the crystals calling to you, and feel into joining me for the quantum adventure here. (Yes, the link is finally ready!)


My crystalline community and I welcome you to this new, super-potent season. As is the case with every lunation this year, there is a LOT going on in the sky, with the inner planets and the outer planets both. I am feeling incredibly optimistic for the first time in a long time when I tap into the available energies.

Life on Earth isn’t easy, but we don’t really want it to be. We came here for a memorable experience, and we’re getting it. The crystalline realm is not merely at our fingertips but is inside of us at all times and available to tap into for support both in space-time and in timelessness.

You are also most warmly invited to join my crystal-pulling party over on Facebook to anchor Virgo New Moon intentions this coming Saturday at 1 pm Eastern. If you own a copy of my book, Earth Magick Essentials or have ever signed up for my crystal parties, you’re likely on this list, but I’ll be sending a reminder email Saturday morning to those who’ve previously joined my crystals classes or event. Sign up below if you want to be sure you’re on the list.


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May our Winged Hearts fly ever free!