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Learn about your personal upgrade during this final Gemini North Node Eclipse Season until 2040 through this exclusive Akashic Records+ session

This year–2021–has been all about acceleration after the pause during 2020 pandemic lockdowns.

The six weeks of Eclipse Season which started with the Taurus New Moon on 11 May and which ended with the Capricorn Full Moon of 24 June were times of massive shift. Gemini, ruled by Mercury the Magician was home to the North Node (our highest evolutionary path) for the last eclipse here until 2040 on 10 June.

Moreover, Mercury spent the entire six weeks in its home sign of Gemini thanks to a well-timed Mercury retrograde. For years I’ve been sharing about how Mercury Rx seasons and eclipse seasons are major upgrades to human intuitive powers (whether we want them or not), and this time they were piled on top of each other, along with a major turning point in the Wheel of the Year (Solstice).

It’s clear to me that this whopper of an Eclipse Season, with its Blood Moon (the first total eclipse since 2019) and potent Annular Solar Eclipse, there was lots of growth on the personal and collective levels.

If you’d like to take a small dip into your Akashic Records and find out how YOU were shifted and upgraded, please sign up for my Gemini Eclipse Reading for the special rate of $99.

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What makes this session different from my Wisdom Portals? Besides length and price (this is smaller in both of those ways) it has a fixed set of questions that everyone who decides to do one of these readings will ask.

These are small but potent sessions! Lots of people have returned later to tell me how much they’ve used the guidance provided over months and even years in some cases.

Though smaller in scope and not including any of your burning questions (about your mission in this lifetime, for example–see the Wisdom Portal for that) this session will be quite potent and is designed to help you to move through the next 6 months to a year. It’s back this season by popular demand.

Expect your Gemini Eclipse Reading to run about 40-45 minutes and to include a recording and a small crystal pull for extra guidance + support.

“Thank you, Elizabeth. That was amazing and so heart-opening, like a bursting forth and blossoming on a quantum level. Deep, rich, affirming, and profoundly aligning with my embodied purpose at this time. A divine fuel for moving forward into the flows of our sacred emergence.”

— Bobbye Middendorf, Inner Wisdom Guide

When you decide to opt in, you’ll be taken to a payment portal, and from there to a page where you’ll be given all the information you’ll need, including a link to sign up for a session time.


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