Happy 11/11 Portal Day + Weaving a New Dream

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Happy 11/11 Portal Day! This is a great day to step through the energetic portal into a new reality IF you chose to consciously intend and weave a new dream. And honestly, if you get this email too late in the day to take advantage, know that the entire month of November carries 11/11 energy this year, so you didn’t miss out.

I’m just back from a beyond-blissful 10-day priestess retreat to Hawaii which included swimming with wild dolphins, observing new land forming (Pele was very active just a few miles from where we were staying), floating in warm Lithium mineral baths (yeah, my Mermaid was very happy about that; I took her back there 4 times), communing with glorious faerie trees and that beautiful Mama Gaia Aloha island energy, eating amazing local organic super-healthy food… and that’s before I even get to all of the personal alchemical transformation with my priestess sisters in the temple!

Let me just say first of all that I am especially pleased to have been in an internet dead zone: I got to miss the last anguishing days of US presidential campaigning. In fact, the Electoral College count was just coming in as I stepped onto the plane in Kona Tuesday night. Talk about energetic shifts! I was leaving Love Island for Harsh Reality State…

And yet… that long plane ride home gave me space to process and come to terms with what we as a nation have voted for. When I wasn’t watching Alice in Wonderland, that is: it was the perfect movie choice to accompany my processing work, and fits perfectly with what I want to address today.

The primary job for lightworkers everywhere these days (not just in the US) is to avoid falling into that collective vision of the Harsh Reality State, where it looks like the world is ending and there’s nothing we can do about it.

For some of us, our worst nightmare, the unthinkable scenario, has come to pass. True, most Americans (who voted—I made sure to do so before I left) voted for Clinton.

Our archaic Electoral College system is the one that gave the nod to Trump. This is a wake-up call to reform our Constitution and replace the Electoral College with a system of Universal Suffrage, where every vote counts. Ironically, the Electoral College was created so that only qualified candidates could get elected. I doubt the Founding Fathers envisioned the kind of America we see today, with a not-so-free press, and the media warping facts and creating fear and hatred.

So here we are, facing a Trump presidency. I’m actually pretty excited about it. Yes, he represents greed, sexism, racism, nationalism, and promotes violence against those who don’t agree with him. In a nutshell, he’s Patriarchy’s Poster Boy.

Note: to me, Patriarchy is the stale system by which a very small handful of mostly-invisible men in power benefit financially and culturally from everyone else’s supposed powerlessness. We are taught, through institutions educational and religious, that power (especially divinity) lies outside of ourselves. Patriarchy is hierarchy: any time we feel someone or something is above or below us, we are the tools of that system. Patriarchy is fueled by fear, greed, fanaticism and hatred. Patriarchy is held in place by both men and women, and we all suffer equally, albeit differently.

Men are wounded by being held to a standard that says they can’t have the emotions that they do have, like loving their kids or being deeply moved by anything, and still be men. That’s a philosophical cul-de-sac.  Men (and women to some degree) are taught to seek power over others, so if they are not economically or politically empowered, they resort to hurting those whom they perceive as lower on the totem pole: beating wives, kids, or dogs. Men are also literally wounded by being sent into wars that they don’t personally sanction, being forced to kill innocent people either at a distance or at close range. It makes me cry to think about it, and how men are taught that their lives and power depend upon upholding this abusive system.

Women are wounded by being considered something less than human, and kept there by the rape culture that Patriarchy is vested in, by the silence and invisibility that is required of us. By the glass ceiling and 80 cents on the dollar for the same work as men do, by unattainable standards of beauty, etc. that cause eating disorders and lifetimes of shame. Not to mention the 500 years of Western Culture in which as many as 9 million women (!) of any wisdom or power were burned at the stake, drowned, flattened, sexually tortured, and forced to turn in their sisters and friends so that they or their daughters would be spared.

Eight thousand years is enough, already! Time for a new system, I say.

I’m excited for several reasons:

(1) He’s ridiculous: a broad caricature of the Patriarchy. The court jester who suddenly finds himself crowned as king. Oops, his joke went too far and now he actually has to sit with his sovereignty. No one can take him seriously. This, by the way, is also a wake-up call for the American Right, because they paved the way for such a ridiculous personage to be their standard-bearer. Hatred and incompetence have come home to roost.

(2) Because he is Patriarchy’s Poster Boy, his visibility and temporary power (we’ll see how much he can create or destroy, and then create or destroy new things when he’s gone) are the instruments of Patriarchy’s very destruction. It will go more quickly, people! We have elected to rip that band-aid OFF rather than pull it hair by slow and painful hair. I’m positively gleeful at the prospect that we as global citizens have chosen faster and more revolutionary rather than slow with possible backtracking and holding on to what is familiar. It won’t be easy, but it will be complete, perhaps in our lifetimes.

(3)  With Trump’s election, there is no more standing on the sidelines. We are all now being called to speak and act from our own Truth. As lightworkers, I know that we will operate from our balanced centers rather than lashing out verbally or violently. It is our role to be the standard-bearers of Love, Light and wisdom. As best we can, we need to beam Love to those who are so mired in abject fear that they voted for the joke candidate. Use the lessons of the US Civil Rights movement, or from Gandhi and other leaders of non-violent change as guidance, and trust that as long as we stand AS peace + Love, peace + Love will triumph in the end, whenever that is.

There are probably other reasons, too, but I’m endeavoring to keep this short(er than usual). Hahahaha! I can already see that’s a pipe dream.

Our job, then, is to be awake, and to weave the new dreams. To believe in “six impossible things before breakfast” (Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland).

When we are awake and aware of our own emotional state, we observe when we have been sucked into the collective vision of Harsh Reality State, and then are empowered to pull ourselves out. My good friend Emily Trinkaus explained this in a whopper of a Galactivation today (see my Facebook timeline for the link).

With Neptune (ruler of Pisces, which is about collective consciousness and dissolving) currently in Pisces sitting with the South Node (meaning: we can easily fall into shadow expressions), the shadow side of Pisces can be massively amplified. Light side Pisces is about Oneness, and this is where we’re going as we s-l-o-w-l-y transition into the Age of Aquarius. Shadow Pisces is the sense of separation and victimization. It’s up to us to see this happening (being sucked in to the delusion that everything sucks) and to pull ourselves back to the reality that we wish to create.

Because, like it or not (it’s simpler, though more painful, to believe we are not this) we are each the creator/creatrix of our own reality. We weave our realities, and quantum physics is now proving this long-held spiritual axiom. When we invest our energy and attention into a version of truth, it’s empowered. I am personally choosing right now to continue my news blackout as best as possible, so that I don’t get sucked into investing in the illusion/delusion that the world is going to hell in a handbasket.

I choose to believe—no matter what social media or news outlets tell me—that we brilliant humans have choreographed the best possible situation for our collective growth and an expedited fall of the oppressive patriarchal system.

And, again, according to Emily, this Monday’s Supermoon in Taurus (allegedly the biggest, and thus most powerful Supermoon since the 1940’s—wow! Well done us for giving our human family a powerful release point so close to the election results) is incredibly grounding, giving us plenty of support as we move through the emotional peak of the Full Moon.

The Moon will be (super-) Full in Taurus, ruled by Venus. This is the sign of beauty, pleasure, and creature comforts. Before the Moon is full, Venus herself moves into Capricorn, which is about practicality and sure-footedness. And the North Node, which represents our highest evolutionary path, is in Virgo, the final of the 3 Earth signs. We have all the support we need to stay on our surfboards, people!

Choose to stand AS Love + Peace, and you will see Love + Peace around you. It’s about harmonic resonance, which is the “magick” sound, light (color) and crystals. Use the Atlantean tool of resonance, in whatever form, to bring your own world into harmony.  It’s a Universal Law at our full disposal. Let’s use it to bring more Light and Love into this world.

Beaming Love to you and yours. Aloha!

Own Your Magick,

P.S.: Photo credit for lava rocks: Rebecca Cavender