Gung Hay Fat Choy! Happy Lunar New Year!

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Wishing You an Auspicious, Bountiful, Prosperous Year of the Rain Dragon!

Here’s to an excellent Year of the Rain Dragon! The Chinese New Year always falls on the first New Moon in Aquarius. New Moons are about new energies–new projects, new beginnings; the perfect note on which to start a New Year. Since dragons are the imperial emblem, they are always big bringers of luck. According to the experts (I’m not one) this year is destined to bring prosperity to those who are in alignment with their purpose or passion. Money and babies are the promise of the Dragon years.

Can you feel the energy? I can. This most auspicious of all animals in the Chinese Zodiac is here to help 2012 be THE year to bring in Love and Light, to live our purpose full-strength, and to usher in a new Age of Light. I’m so grateful to be here watching and participating!

Here’s what Malvin Artley, Astrologer, has to say, courtesy of my friends at Astrolabe:

Are you ready for something a little different this year? Tired of the same-old
same-old? Ready to start a family maybe – or to add to your existing one? Maybe
you just want to splash out little bit and do something out of the ordinary? If
a sea-change is in your cards, then the year of the Rain Dragon is your year to
do so. The Dragon is considered to be the most auspicious of the Chinese
animals, and Dragon years are said to be the best for having babies and for
making money, the latter point may seem a bit odd, given the current economic
climate in the world. Nonetheless, the Dragon, being the Imperial emblem, is
always seen as abundant, as inventive, and as regal. The Dragon is a very potent
sign and bestows auspicious powers. So, you may like to start a scheme with
your partners or friends, put on the thinking caps and put those financial plans
you have been mulling over in the past into action, for the Dragon year is the
year to do so. There may initially appear to be opposition to your plans, but
cracks will eventually appear, and finally the dam will break, flooding your life
with opportunity.

The Rain Dragon is perceptive and patient, highly intelligent, able to see eyeto-eye with others, and gains its best benefit through careful and patient work.

This is not a year to rush things, however. Rather, whatever plans have been laid
in the past are now set to come to fruit, and it should be a year of enjoyment of
some success, whatever your field of endeavor. Beware, though: this is not a year
for grandstanding or for making bold or outrageous statements. The Rain Dragon
retires from the spotlight and works quietly in the background, though the results
of its plans may seem outstanding when the work is done. So, don’t shy away
from that scheme you’ve had in the back of your mind, for there the Rain Dragon
has worked away quietly, waiting for his day to rain forth his benefits. This is
the year when you use what you put away for those rainy days – and there will
be plenty of them, as Rain Dragon years always bring more than their share
of precipitation. Whatever comes, though, the Rain Dragon will bestow its
benefits on all who are ready to pursue their dreams. May wealth, happiness
and fulfillment of plans rain down upon you this year!
–Malvin Artley, Astrologer