Healing Race Relations Complete

Beloved, thank you for stepping up to participate in this healing session. We do this not only to heal the separation in our own hearts, but to ripple out powerful healing to those around us who are hurting more than we are. The more of us who can process our emotions and empower our hearts, the more free the world will be. Deep bow of gratitude.

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I’ve opened up the comments on this page, so as you listen to healing ritual at the beginning of this recording, please share about your clay sculptures, and what you released onto the altar or the fire. I am here as your sacred witness; being seen as you are healing is powerful. Each time you listen, you are welcome to comment again.

I also encourage you to open up your throat to release emotions through sound as you are participating in this healing ritual. On another recent Oracle Transmission, one thing that came through powerfully is that making sounds (they don’t have to be pretty) is the best way to “anchor in” healing. I find that getting down on all fours and howling like a wolf is a great way to excavate and release calcified layers of repressed emotions holding the heart prisoner.

As you listen, also, you’ll be reminded to drink plenty of water, and to get grounded afterwards. As I channel the Akashic Records, you’ll be touching the godhead for nearly an hour; you may not feel “altered” but you will be, so please be intentional about grounding before getting behind the wheel of a car.


Much, much love to you, Beloved. It is my most sincere hope that you receive whatever healing that is ripe for you each time you listen. Thank you for sharing the registration page with all who need it.

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P.S.: If you’d like to explore more, I’m currently in the midst of a series on healing the separation between sexuality, spirituality, love + money called (UN)Holy Trinity. Sexuality is the source of many of our feelings/illusions of separation in the world, much as race is. As of this writing on 14 July 2016, there is still one more live call that you participate in if you desire.

My Own Your Throne: Money + Sovereignty Series dovetails very nicely with the topics of this series. We are half way through 2016, but there’s much to heal and learn from my January How to Flourish in 2016 transmission; it knocked everyone out.

Thank you for taking a look around; I’d love to hear from you if you have questions or comments.


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