~ Listen Below for Imbolc Magick ~

A Shamanic Drummed Journey through the Sphinx’s Imbolc Gateway.

Wow. Light your candles or other fires to create sacred space and to honor this cross-quarter holy day of quickening. As ever, it was an amazing honor to be the mouthpiece for the Sphinx and all the guides, not to mention the space-holder for this event.

I was really surprised by what came through. I normally don’t associate the Sphinx with snowy landscapes, but there we were. Northern Lights? Thrones of Labradorite? Reading symbols in the bonfire smoke? The sense of community and weaving threads of light emerging from stars in our foreheads were more familiar.

I don’t always feel the full impact of the things I channel in the moment, but this one I did! Maybe it was because it had been so long since I’d had led such a journey–since the Beltane Passage where we met the Sphinx and were invited through her first gateway, actually…

The stirring of the new life of the year was very dynamic.

And chock full of Magick.

Recorded on the day that Imbolc was exact, so you’ll be tapping into the present moment of 4 February 2022. In this way you can access the Feminine energies of Unity and Community any time you like, as we are still riding the waves of the 2-2-22 portal.

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In addition to coming to the call with a candle or other flame, you might also bring a journal or something to take notes with in case you have insights on the call that you’d like to record.

If possible, listen to this call from a private space where you can journey free from distractions.

Six months ago, as what turned out to be my last public project until … well, now, I did a channeling on the Journey of the Sphinx as the Lion’s Gate Passage. I’m including it here for you to listen to whenever you like.

I have to say that before this transmission, I didn’t really have the full picture of what the Journey of the Sphinx was, despite the Beltane Passage event I had been called to create as part of a series. I knew it had to do with the Divine Feminine leadership, the shifts regarding the emerging paradigm, and the exceedingly powerful Sphinx, but I didn’t know much more. Well, this call explains it, but no spoilers!

Please listen in here:

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Deep bow of gratitude!

Many Imbolc Blessings to you.

Love + Magick,