Powerful New Beginnings Start Tuesday

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New Moons represent the beginning of a cycle, and are a great time to start a new project. Depending on the house in your natal chart that this moon is located in, it can have a particular theme or energy. For example, this New Moon occurs on my 9th house, which deals with higher education, long-distance travel, religion and philosophy, so these things will be particularly highlighted during the coming month. It just so happens that I’ll be traveling this coming weekend to NYC, where I’ll be meeting with my Mastermind group, so capitalizing on new ideas will be perfect.


Capitalize on this week’s New Moon in Libra

No matter what house in your natal chart it occurs in, the New Moon on the 27th of September promises to be a very powerful lunation. It will be opposing radical change-agent Uranus and conjunct mental Mercury, so watch out for big upheavals and bold new ideas.


Also, a New Moon always signals the Moon conjuncting the Sun (of course: that’s why the Moon is dark), so the balancing energy of Libra will be activated as well, though Libra’s steady applecart will very likely get tipped by the unconventional and not-at-all balanced Uranus energy. Plus, there’s a square to Pluto (the planet of endings and beginnings, aka transformation), so expect this next week to blow your mind and rock your world! Keep your eye on new possibilities for growth rather than focusing on things you’ve “lost.” Know that these are things that no longer served you and that you have outgrown.


Look for change to come quickly, and see this 4-week cycle as a harbinger of 2012! (We’ve been in this energy since 2009, but it just keeps getting more intense as we move toward it.) Keep those balancing tools at the ready, because if you—with all your divine wisdom and sacred connection—are feeling buffeted, just imagine what all those around you are feeling!


Stay in touch, and leave a comment. Do you know what house your new moon is occurring in? What big plans will you be initiating for the next month?  Do you want me to write a post on the energy of 2012? I can’t wait to hear from you!