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Indigo Light Newsletter

Volume 2.20

31 December 2011

  New Year’s Edition! 

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Hello again from Bangkok!

As the clock ticks down to 2012, I can hardly settle down to write this final missive of the year to you, dear one! The rush of new energy coming in is simply PALPABLE, and it’s got me all a-flutter!

Did you get the chance to enjoy some peace and quiet during the holidays with the Present Moment exercises that I gave you last time? I sure hope so. We’ve been dealing with some very serious energetic shifts recently, and the holidays tend to bring both the joy of reconnection and the tribulation of too much togetherness.

If not, it’s not too late to start now! In fact, it’s never too late to meet that space of enlightenment in the Present Moment. Realize that every act is a sacred act and connect with your highest, graceful self, and you’re golden! (Literally. Golden. This is how you look to me in the Records.)


Everything is Energy

Did I say something about energetic shifts? It’s hard to think how they could get more serious, except that you and I both know that they will get bigger and more serious over the course of the next year and beyond. What am I talking about? Well, let’s see: the huge energetic download of 11.11.11 for one, then the pair of eclipses in November and December (partial solar and total lunar—a big double-whammy), the Solstice 10 days ago, getting everything lined up for next December’s heavy-duty portal action.

Some of you may be wondering: what does this have to do with me? Especially if you’re not sensitive to energy, or if you’re simply too busy running your business or your life to notice it, let me tell you: just like death and taxes, energy shifts are real and inevitable.

Sometimes (okay: just about every time!) I talk about cosmic energy in the form of astrological alignments and energetic portals or downloads. I do this not to make you skeptical or to push woo-woo buttons, but becausethey count. In business as in life, it pays to be prepared. Knowing that you might be running into challenging or uplifting energy in the near future is useful, and worth planning on. And if you don’t think that the Earth is susceptible to cosmic forces, try telling that to the tides that ebb and flow with the moon. Just sayin’.

One of my favorite Albert Einstein quotes (and I do have a lot, believe me!) is the following:  “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” This coming year, why not consider changing your good ideas into actions? Ideas are creations—cosmic blueprints—and actions bring them into manifestation in the world. What are you dreaming of manifesting in 2012? Now is the perfect time to do it.


Ringing in the New Year

As the final hours of 2011 tick down to midnight, have you done your homework regarding 2011? If not, carpe diem!

This is important! I know it’s a busy time (I’ve had to make excuses to family these past few days myself), but it will serve you to decide what things you’ve outgrown this year and what you are growing into. Last time I reported again on the work the Keepers suggested everyone do to prepare for 2012, so if you haven’t there’s no time like the present.

In addition, it’s important to look back at your year, both overall and month by month. What things do you have to celebrate in each month? Make a list. Write them down. Then SMILE if you’re not already smiling, and put that list in a place where you can see it. Giving yourself credit is an important part of the work you’re doing. Then ask yourself: how did Spirit help you in each situation?

After celebrating your victories and accomplishments, take another look at your year and make a list of those things that you’d hoped to do, but didn’t. Now, instead of getting down on yourself, try to see where the hand of Spirit held you back. Let yourself see how this was done to bring you something greater! You may not yet have enough perspective on some of these, but I’ll bet you can come up with a few examples of being disappointed only to be pleased that the first thing you tried to get didn’t work out.

Are there things that were missing from 2011? Write those down, andschedule them in! (Ha!—I know my health coach is going to laugh when she sees this! Yes Rosie, I will be taking my own advice here.) It could be spending more time with family, working out more (ahem!), allowing yourself more needed self-care like massages, spending more time off-line reading your favorite authors, laughing with friends, reconnecting with those old friends with whom you’ve lost touch… Whatever it is that your Spirit tells you it needs more of, make it a point of feeding your Spirit well in 2012.

Wait! So how do you know what feeds your Spirit? Just ask! This works better with a friend or two or three, but if you’re disciplined you can do it on your own, too; it’s one of my favorite Sonia Choquette exercises. You can do it face to face or over the phone, and make it a game to see how long you can keep it going.

You can start by putting your hand on year heart, and one person says “My Spirit loves [fill in the blank].” And the other person does the same thing, in rapid succession. No fair thinking! Just blurt it out! This comes from your Spirit, not your mind, remember!

If I were to do this exercise right now, it would look like this:

“My Spirit loves dancing! My Spirit loves the color purple! My Spirit loves the smell of lilacs and gardenia and lily of the valley! My Spirit loves the sound of water, and the way the sand squishes through my toes at the beach, and lots of sunshine. My Spirit loves reggae music. My Spirit loves moving my hips. My Spirit loves sliding down slides. My Spirit loves dark, dark chocolate. My Spirit loves chai lattes. My Spirit loves the Loire river and the way the sun glints off the chevrons formed in the water.”

Okay, it’s time to stop because I got a little into my mind there at the end trying to describe the light on the river, but you get the picture. I suggest you stop, too, when that happens, but step right back into it.

Go to all your senses and check in with what feeds your Spirit, and then give it that! You may surprise yourself: I didn’t expect reggae to make an appearance, or slides, but that’s why this exercise is so great! Now I know to give myself more of this in the coming months.


Oooh! Check it out: Prizes!

Another great end-of-year exercise is to do a big-ass gratitude list! You know, just like the one you write every day, but L-O-N-G! As in, at least 100 entries long! Can you do it? Leave a comment in the blog of all your favorites, or heck, just paste the whole thing in! I’ll send a delicious citrine tumbled stone to the person who leaves the best list.

(Citrine is a stone of abundance and transmutes negativity in the atmosphere to joy and Light, so this is one stone you WANT to have in your collection. I have citrine stashed all over the house in every room, because its energy is so uplifting and it never needs clearing so it’s perfectly safe to hide it and forget it!)


Did you catch my GOOF?

You may have noticed that in my last newsletter I was a bit unclear. I was writing on Christmas Day and in the fog of jet lag, and so when I went to make my end-of-year offer (it was given to me on the morning of the 22nd, shortly after the Solstice, and as I was rushing to get to the airport to offer 20% off of the 1-hr and VIP packages), I messed up. It was my intention to say that the offer was good through midnight on the 31st of December, but I “accidentally” wrote 1 January. Then I saw my error, and went to change it. I thought I changed it to 31 December, but in fact, it went to press as this:

“Here’s the small print: This offer does not apply to 6-month coaching packages, and these must be paid for by 31 Jan 2011 by 11:59 pm EST. “ I went on to talk about New Year’s Eve, because I was thinking it was to end that night. Tonight.

Well, the Universe had other plans! And I humbly surrender to its greater wisdom. I love how it arranged things: I didn’t even know of my goof until a few days later when I was talking to someone who was taking me up on my offer! But that was just moments before leaving for the beach for 4 days where I had no email access or any way to warn you, lovely reader, that I was taking the deal off the table at midnight tonight.

So the deal stands. Through the month of January you can take advantage of the special pricing. Also, you can buy as many as you want, for your self or for friends this month and use them throughout 2012. The Clarity Injection makes a great birthday, graduation, or wedding gift!Think about it: wouldn’t you love and cherish the gift of clarity at a major life transition? At 20% off, this 1-hr full-service consultation is a great deal.

If you’re ready for full-on transformation, 20% off the VIP Akashic Healing can’t be beat. The world needs your special gifts in 2012, so why not invest in making them clear, powerful and available? Use the VIP tostep into your GREATNESS and help save this world of ours!

I’m off now to a traditional French Réveillon dinner at the Oriental Hotel’s Le Normandie here in Bangkok. Wish me luck staying awake past midnight for dessert and fireworks! I’ll be sure to toast your success and brilliance.

All of my VERY BEST WISHES for a Happy, Prosperous, and Growth-Filled New Year! I’ve got the feeling that 2012 will be the BEST YEAR YET for all of us!

With much Love and Light flowing to you,


PS: If you’ve added me as a friend on FB, there should soon be a bunch of photos of the beach trip and next week’s visit to the mountain city of Chiang Mai. If you haven’t added me as a friend, please do! And don’t forget to share your gratitude list on the blog and vie for the prize!