Big, Big, BIG Full Moon in Leo (+ what it means to you)

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Full Moon in Leo 7 Feb 2012

Today, 7 February 2012, there’s a BIG Full moon in Leo. You may be feeling frisky and risky!

So, why is this Full Moon so big? Well, it’s the players, really. And any Full Moon can make you a little edgy (this is where the word “looney” comes from, after all), but this one especially. It’s in Leo this month, and the sign of the Lion makes us want to do everything BIGGER. And take more risks. And grab the spotlight. And (possibly) make fools of ourselves. (Whether this is in a good way or a bad way is up to us.)

There’s also Venus, the planet of Love and $$$ that’s on the verge of entering Aries, the sign of new energies. She doesn’t much like to be here—Aries is a bit too straightforward, and maybe even pushy, for her tastes—but there she is and there’s she’ll be for a few weeks.

So, what do you get when you combine a Full Moon (erratic behavior) in Leo (big risks and spashiness) with a pouty Venus (romance and finances) about to enter Aries (new and bold enterprises)? Um… hard to say, but it will be BIG, whatever it is!

And why should you care? Here’s the thing: you may be kind of emotionally off your center these days: today, tomorrow, and the next day. And you’ll have major impulses to make a splash in romance or business. So, does this add up to great new investments and a new smooch-partner? Potentially. Or it could mean bad money + love decisions. It’s up to you.

My advice? Find your center, and get clear on whether or not this is really the right thing for you before you go jumping in with both feet.

The best way to do this is to listen to your inner knowing, your intuition, your gut, your Higher Self, your guides, your angels—whatever you call that guidance that comes from the Divine.

How do I get that inner guidance?

Get still & quiet, take a deep breath to clear everything out, and ask—out loud!—if [what you’re thinking of doing] is in your highest good. You can even put your hand on your heart to get clear that this is where you expect the answer to come from. And then listen to your body, because it knows the answer!

If you feel your chest expanding, your breath deepening, a smile forming at the edges of your mouth, butterflies in your stomach, and your muscles relaxing, you can know that whatever the risk is, is one it would behoove you to take!

If on the other hand you feel your shoulders dropping, your chest collapsing ever so little, your muscles tightening, and a feeling a dread in your gut, you can know to stay away!