Happy Birthday! (My gift to you)

Elizabeth Uncategorized

Every year around my birthday (last Sunday, in case you’re curious), I always schedule an Akashic Records consultation for myself. Yes, I know that I can get into my own Records any time I want, but it’s impossible for my ego to tell me that I’m making all that juicy stuff up about myself (it does come straight out of my own brain when I’m channeling, after all) if it comes from a trusted advisor.

Because I find this practice so valuable—my consultation was just under 2 weeks ago and business has been BOOMING since then (seriously, it’s out of control!)—I decided to share the love. Active FB watchers know that I’ve been offering this for a few weeks, ‘cause I’ve already booked quite a few!

If it’s your birthday and you’d like to get a little Solar Return clarity, you can get a regular Clarity Injection for 50% off my regular prices!

That’s one hour, including intuitive wordsmithing of your questions emailed ahead of time, time in your records, and a few strategizing minutes at the end plus a 15- to 30-minute integration call with more strategizing 2 to 3 days later. A whopping good deal!

You may be wondering right about now if you’re eligible… Well, I think I’m going to run this by astrological sign, and run the clock back a little to allow for latecomers. I came up with this nifty idea during Capricorn energy, and was going to invite Caps and Sagittarians to apply. Now that we’re in Aquarius, all of you are eligible as well. AND, because business is so good and I want to spread good vibes and clarity as far as I can, I’ll let anyone born on Hallowe’en and later join the fun.

How can you get one? Click here, and book a no-charge discovery call to see if we’re a good match. Or, if you KNOW you want one, use the same link and in the message box say “I want it! Send me an invoice and deets!”

So, happy birthday to me, and all of my fellow Aquarians. And all other post-Hallowe’eners. Pisces, you’re on deck!