Hear Ye, Hear Ye! New Year’s Special Extended a Few More Days!

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“I was recently guided to extend my New Year’s Special—20% off of Clarity Injections and VIP Healing Days!—until my birthday. It was supposed to go off-line as of midnight on the 31st of January, but I’ve had so much fun talking to all of you, that I thought I’d stretch it out a little, to my birthday.” I wrote that a week ago to my Newsletter crowd.

(Not on the newsletter list you say? See that box right there —->? Add your name and email addy, and, PRESTO! you will be! Just like magic.)

HOLY GUACAMOLE! The response has been a little overwhelming, but I’m super-double-duper pleased to be helping you get in touch with your clarity and—in the case of the VIP—your “bionic” self.

My online scheduler was swamped, but if you tried to schedule a time this week to talk about how a Clarity injection or VIP healing day would work for you and couldn’t get an appointment, NEVER FEAR! I’m adding more times for next week. I seriously couldn’t cram in any more during this week!

Click here to set up a time to talk. To get the discount, you’ll need the secret coupon code “5FEB.”

FYI: if you felt a quickening of your heartbeat, butterflies in your stomach, or any kind of light, giddy feeling while reading this, pay attention. This is your intuition (guides, Higher Self, master teachers, totem, angels—whatever you’ve got) speaking directly to you. They want a clearer channel, and that channel is your Akashic Records.

 Are you ready to change your life in 12 ways from Sunday, and revolutionize your business at the same time?

It starts by clicking here.

And on the off-chance the discount didn’t make the case for getting into your Records, I’ve got a couple of new testimonials, HOT off the presses. Check it out:

“Elizabeth solves the consummate problem for every business owner – making decisions.  She gets help from the very source itself to get answers.  It doesn’t get better than that. Getting a reading from her really helped to answer so many questions about my business, my direction and my life.  And with those answers it freed up the energy I needed.  Finally, now I can concentrate on moving forward.  Every business owner should have Elizabeth in her corner.  Her help, advice and insights are invaluable.”

-Monica Shah, MBA, Breakthrough Business Expert



And another, from someone who went from a post-teleseminar free session to a paid one in the new year:

“Today I went to revisit my notes and was re-struck by the amazingness of our session.  (But this time without any post-universe-help high.) I definitely got a lot of clarity in our session around lots of things, not just my question.  Some things that came up in my session explain patterns I’ve seen in my whole life so far!  AND, they confirm that those patters will continue as I go forward – so I can expect and rely on them.  It helps me feel supported by the universe in my next steps moving forward in my business.  I’m still amazed I got so much out of a free session.

“And then…. After my Clarity Injection session I was filled with so so so so so so so so so so so so (I would keep going…) much gratitude for you and the Keepers.  I knew I got a lot of clarity from my free session but this was life changing.  I got far more clarity around things both in my life and my business.  The Keepers had so much to share and your help interpreting it all was invaluable.  Now I feel equipped to rock my business, my purpose, and my world!

–Fiona Kurt Campbell,  Your friendly Health & Self-Care Coach, Veggie Enthusiast, & Chef.



Now, don’t you want some of that action?

Go here to get yours!

Take note: this is the biggest discount you’ll get this year (outside of my Birthday Special), so take advantage now! Also, this discount ends very soon (the daffodils are out where I am!), so book your session today!