Global Consciousness Shift!

Elizabeth Uncategorized

Neptune lines up with the New Moon in Pisces

Tuesday the 21st of February was the New Moon in Pisces, but it wasn’t just any old New Moon. It was the first time in 160 years that Neptune, the ruler of this dreamy, artistic, and highly metaphysical sign, was lined up with the New Moon. Now, New Moons (the “Dark of the Moon”) are mysterious and powerful all on their own. They carry energies of new beginnings.

So when “new beginnings” in the sign of the Collective Unconscious hits the massive planetary energy of its watery ruler, Neptune, get ready for the tsunami! A global shift in consciousness is on the horizon, folks. (As if this is news to you. HA!)

The last time the stars were lined up this way, people started to take action against inequality, in the forms of socialism (the idea that we are all better off if resources are shared rather than hoarded) and abolitionism (the notion that no human can be the property of another human, and that we are fundamentally all equals). Oh, and a handful of revolutions across Europe, followed closely by our Civil War. BIG! Very big stuff.

I can hardly wait to see what this one brings.