“The Entrepreneur’s Spiritual Toolbox, Part 1: Using the Energy of Play for Fun and Profit”

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Have you ever had the urge to go up to someone who’s meditating and just tickle them relentlessly?! Um… probably not. Where spirituality is concerned, reverence is often the most natural response.

A spiritual person is someone seen as tranquil, centered, living in quiet harmony with the Universe. Someone whose energy is focused inwardly, and definitely not to be disturbed with wild tickling. Because laughter would be irreverent, right?

Well, I have a confession to make: I’ve recently discovered—quite by accident—that high-octane spiritual work like channeling Akashic Records is much more lucrative when I don’t take it very seriously.

Whoa! Did I just say that? You bet I did.

To put it another way: when I relax, trust the Universe, and joyfully open my heart to help people to reach their highest expression—when I’m having FUN doing what I love!—things just FLOW.

Here’s how it works: when we are living as humans, the sacred appears to us as something that is outside of us, and something that requires the very serious attitude of reverence and humility. No play or laughter. Ever. Not even talking. That would be disrespectful!

But when we realize that we’re not separate from the Divine—that we ourselves are an expression of the Divine Universe on a micro level, and that the Universe is an expression of us on a macro level—all the bowing and scraping seems ridiculously out of place. Gratitude, yes. Distancing humility, no. That’s the true meaning of Oneness and All That Is.

When we live every act as a sacred act, we step into this frequency of Divinity that is available to us all the time, if we can only let ourselves see it. That space of Divinity, called Enlightenment, exists in the frequency of LOVE. (Key lesson dead ahead—don’t miss it!)

And when we’re in the space/energy/frequency/vibration of LOVE (aka Divine oneness) all of the other energies of this spectrum are available to us: the more interior energies of peace, tranquility, balance, and harmony, but also the more boisterous, external ones: joy, laughter, play, abundance, welcoming, connection, relaxation, openness, FLOW.

There’s no chicken-and-egg here, people: either energy can come first. Playing and laughing (with, not at—that would be malicious mockery, which falls squarely on the fearful end of the spectrum) raises your vibration to Love. Likewise, being in the frequency of Love engenders playfulness and laughter. A perfect circle.

Hey, I’m not claiming to have invented this idea myself: I got it from the Akashic Records, of course. The Keepers are constantly telling people—individually and on group calls—to use laughter “to shift the energy.” I just hadn’t filled in the blank: “… shift the energy to Love!”

On top of that, over and over again as I channel for entrepreneurs working to make the world a better place with their businesses, I’d see playfulness and fun come up as the answer to the “best way to work” question.

No kidding, for one client who was to work with grieving people, they showed her tossing popcorn! Gently and playfully, but persistently, tossing popcorn at distressed individuals dealing with sick and dying loved ones in order to get them out of their fear-based emotions. So powerful!

And once the realization of the power of play in spiritual work started to take form in my mind, I recalled the perpetual twinkle in the eyes of the Dalai Lama. And the way Sonia Choquette (one of my favorite luminaries) uses—and insists on!—humor over seriousness in her workshops. For her, having Spirit guide you means being Spirited (irreverent, energetic, playful), not sanctimonious.

It’s funny—I hadn’t actually realized that I wasn’t letting the fun and humor gush forth before, but now that I’m riding that wave, I can see that I was foolishly leaving this powerful energetic tool by the wayside to climb that mountain all by myself. Duh!

So, the next time you find yourself not having fun in your work (or not making enough money!) consider this: you may need a Fun Infusion. Let your Spirit play, and you’ll move effortlessly into alignment where all good things FLOW to you. You may just find that your Fun Infusion becomes a Fund Infusion!