Stone of the Day for 6 March: Tiger Eye!

Elizabeth Crystals, The Stars Speak

Golden Tiger Eye

Today’s stone, in honor of a whole constellation of reasons, is Tiger Eye, Keyword: Balance.

Today is Super Tuesday in the US: where a whole slew of states, including mine (GA) are holding primary elections. It is also a Leo Moon (Lion/Tiger–get it?), and a Venus sextile Neptune day, in which we might be tempted to idealize (Neptune) Love (Venus).

Tiger Eye (aka Tiger’s Eye) is a beautiful chatoyant stone that mesmerizes the eye. (The term chatoyant means “like a cat;” and in other languages like French this stone is called “eye of cat”). Turn it gently in your hand and watch the shiny lines move back and forth. It’s quite enchanting! This urge to watch the shimmering bands move just under the stone’s surface by shifting it back and forth points us to its keyword of Balance.

All Tiger Eye is about willpower, and the Golden version especially so: this crystal governs our personal sun chakra, the solar plexus. (And incidentally, though not surprisingly, the astrological ruler of Leo is the Sun.) Because Tiger Eye can give us the willpower to bring our ideas into manifestation in the world, it can be a formidable player in the crystal world. However, it also reminds us that there are two sides to every coin, and that when we look at something from a slightly different perspective, its aspect can change radically.

Let the energy of Tiger Eye help you today to see all sorts of things from different perspectives. It will help you, and reminds you, to stay neutral. Don’t like a candidate? Try to step outside of your normal anti-(that person) to see him differently, perhaps in his role as parent or hobbyist rather than strictly as a candidate. I’m really not a fan of anyone on today’s slate, so this message is in part for me!

(By the way, I drew this crystal intuitively–I didn’t pick it with my eyes or mind but with my spirit, as every time I list a stone of the day.)

Let the energy of Tiger Eye also keep you from idealizing Love too much. In all ways and in all situations, look for the middle path. Maybe today is not the day you need to propose to someone. Give him or her flowers instead!

For business people, the Venus (who governs finances in addition to love and beauty) sextile Neptune (ruler of the Unconscious, the mystical, musical, poetical and fantasy) aspect which runs through Thursday could mean making money in a spiritual business (hey, I’d better check my bank balance!) or fantasizing about your money. It’s best to follow Tiger Eye’s counsel and practice self-discipline, as there may be some aspect to the situation that you haven’t seen yet–like a big bill that will be automatically deducted tomorrow that you haven’t counted on!

Remember that maintaining a strong sense of balance and self-control are good things for those traveling the Spiritual Path. Use your Manifestation Power for Good!

Do you have a story about Tiger Eye that you’d like to share? Please leave a comment in the box below!

Love + Light,