Virgo Full Moon Thursday: Get Organized!

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Help is on the way!

Thursday 8 March is the Full Moon in Virgo: an excellent time to get organized! Use the power of this moon-phase and placement to organize your space, and your ideas.

What have you outgrown, physically or energetically? Toss it now (or give it away to be loved again) and introspection. As the Moon waxes (moves toward Full), this is a great time to start implementing the brilliant new ideas you came up with at the New Moon. New beginnings: adding new ideas/people/things to your life. Your creative energies are at their peak at the Full Moon, so it’s a great time to get out and do stuff. As the Moon wanes (moves toward the dark New Moon), the time is ripe for finishing projects and removing things from your life or your space.

So, this particular Full Moon is in detail-oriented Virgo, so fabulous to support you getting organized in a clean-slate kind of way. The Vernal Equinox two weeks later marks the astrological New Year not to mention the official start of Spring. Get a jump on your Spring Cleaning with this aspect. With Mars adding its driving influence to the mix, there’s plenty of “get ‘er done!” energy to help propel you forward here.

In case you’re still hibernating until next week when the Full Moon’s sway has dwindled, I have a couple of crystals to help you with organization and that spring cleaning/new growth energy this Full Moon brings us.

The best crystal I know of for supporting organization is Dumortierite. Dumortierite is a blue quartz,and is a stone of the Throat Chakra. It helps to integrate the energies of the lower chakras with those of the upper chakras; in other words, the physical with the mental or spiritual.

Dumortierite: for Organization

Dumortierite helps to soothe the mind, reduces scattered thoughts, and helps you to put things in order. Because it is a stone of expression, it can also help you organize your thoughts and words before they come out of your mouth. I often draw Dumortierite from my big bowl of crystals (nudge, nudge), and looking around at the office, I could probably use some more of the energy right now!

Another stone that is excellent for helping one to clear out the old and bring in the new is Green Aventurine. I’m a big fan of Green Aventurine: I use it all over. There’s a brightness in this stone, which contains Mica. Mica’s message is to “Shine bright your Light!”–another favorite of mine.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is great for a lot of things: it’s traditionally known as the “Gambler’s Stone” for the good luck it brings and is also a powerful heart chakra stone, helping to boost a sense of peace, Love, and loyalty. But its keyword is “Growth.” It embodies that sparkly Springtime energy when everything is new and fresh. Green Aventurine asks you to look not only at your actual closet to see what you have outgrown (as does this Full Moon in Virgo), but your metaphysical closet as well. What ideas, habits, energies or people have you outgrown? What would you like to say goodbye to in order to foster new growth in your business or your life?

Use the lovely, fresh energy of Green Aventurine to easily let go of that which no longer serves you. And when you do, please leave a comment in the space below to let me know how it went!

Love + Light,