Mercury Turns Retrograde on Monday!

Elizabeth The Stars Speak, Uncategorized

What, already? Yup. We’ve had a lot going on in the skies these days what with the Virgo Full Moon on Thursday 8 March. I hope you took advantage of the power of this moon-phase and placement to organize your space, and your ideas. For more info and the perfect crystals to help you in this process in case you missed the Full Moon, scroll down to the next entry!

THE BIG NEWS is that Mercury is going Retrograde in a few short days. If you are a long-time reader of my Newsletter (and if not, please take a moment to put your name in the boxes right there to the right —–>>), you know that I always encourage people not to get skittish or fearful about the Rx period. It is simply the Universe offering us the opportunity to re-think things. It’s really a great gift, though it’s hard to feel that way in the moment when our printer goes kaplooey on us right as we have to print out what feel like the most important documents of our LIFE! Or when our travel plans go haywire when we’ve already left home and are half-way to the destination. Or… well, you get the drift.

Mercury rules lots of things we need in the modern world, and during Rx periods, these things sometimes appear to be working against us. Areas that could go sideways are: ideas, communication, travel, and technology. Know that if you’re a Gemini or a Virgo, this time may be especially difficult unless you maintain the right frame of mind. Also, you can take solace in the fact that it only lasts until 4 April! (Whew!)

When thinking about “Re-“trograde cycles, simply apply the rule of “re-“: re-vise, re-think, re-consider, re-check, re-sume (what you had stopped doing), re-formulate, re-word, re-connect (with those you had lost track of; or simply check that the plug is in the outlet) re-frain, and (this last one is important!) re-frame. Re-member, it’s a gift. The gift of re-doing. Or deciding not to!

Incidentally, we’re currently in a period of Saturn Retrograde, too! It fired up on 7 February and will last until 25 June. Saturn governs limitations and authority, structures, responsibility, and endurance. This is a period to re-examine our role in these areas. It asks us to look again at our place in the world. Do we respect others’ boundaries and do others respect ours? How are we expressing our power and authority? Are we meeting our responsibilities? Are our foundations (in all areas) solid?

This is not an easy period, generally, but it is important to re-view these areas rather frequently, so that the weak places can be shored up and the broken parts jettisoned. Go back to the notes on this week’s Full Moon for more ideas on how to decide what things you have outgrown. Capricorns, this goes double for you.

What are some other “re-“ words you can think of that apply to re-trograde periods? Let’s make a L-o-o-o-o-n-g list, shall we?