Stay out of Fear Using the Divine Love Bubble

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Inflate your Divine Love Bubble to Protect You from Negativity and Keep You in a Love Frequency

Lots of clients this week and last have been showing up with fears. Big ones. Some of them theirs, and some of them picked up from those around them. Does this sound like you? If so, be sure to read on.

In addition to avoiding fearful influences like staying away from negative people (especially important these days) and not watching the news, the following exercise is great for keeping the fears and negativity away AND to help you stay in the frequency of Love and out of fear. The Keepers give it to lots of people, so feel free to share with all those you love! (If you have your own blog, I hope you’ll consider posting; if you do, please link back to me. Thanks!)

Here’s how to inflate your Divine Love Bubble:

1) Start with an image or memory of when you felt unconditionally loved. Cradle that image in your arms in front of your chest, “see” it in front of you, and also visualize your heart as a golden sphere.

2) Then connect to the Divine Universe’s infinite Love and support, either through the top of your head or through your back (think: “The Universe has my back”). That support is tangible and warm. Breathe it in to your heart space on the in-breath.

3) On the out-breath, blow the air out through your mouth, as if you were inflating a balloon. See the golden sphere of your heart grow as if it were a bubble or balloon!

4) Rinse and repeat until your Love Bubble is big enough for you to move around freely in. Remember to start each breath cycle with connecting first to your memory of unconditional love in the 3-D world (often dogs or newborns are great for this), and then connecting with the unlimited Love and support of the Universe. Pull that Love into your center, then blow up the bubble.

By the time your Love Bubble is fully inflated, it’s no longer the deep gold it was at the start, but a lovely, opalescent pink, much like the bubble Glinda the Good Witch rides in on in The Wizard of Oz. Just like a regular balloon that starts dark and ends up lighter as it inflates.

Because you are pulling in pure Love, by a few breaths in you should be smiling! Also, each cell in your body will be full of Love + Light—and therefore smiling—by the end.

This bubble will keep you in a Love frequency until it deflates. No negativity from the outside can reach you (cool, right?). But, because we’re all still human, we will occasionally have a fearful thought, and that’s how the bubble springs a leak. Never fear: all you need to do when you notice it’s a little deflated is to take a few breaths to get it back into place. Be careful not to beat yourself up when this happens, because it will happen, and quite a bit at first. With practice, soon you’ll have many fewer of these deflation episodes!

You’ll know that your Bubble is deflated if your have a fearful, angry, anxious, or judgmental thought, or if you experience pain.

This Bubble protects you from negativity, keeps you in the space of Love + Abundance, and helps to pull the mood/energies of those around you from fearful toward the Loving end of the spectrum as well.