Third Eyewitness News Channel on Earthquakes + Tidal Waves

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Today’s post is a channeling on Earth Events. We’ve recently seen devastating earthquakes in Italy (one of the birthplaces of our Western culture). Because of this, and also because more Earth events are on the docket for the rest of the year, I thought I’d share it now. If you have heard me channel the Records, you may notice that this energy is different. I channeled this before learning to channel the Records, and this came from a decidedly different group: with a major sense of humor! Sadly,the fun doesn’t show so much in this channeling.

This information came through back in March of 2010, and was the first feature of my Third Eyewitness News Channel: a blog dedicated to providing a divine perspective on current news events. It has been on hiatus for a few years, but according to my Records, the time has come to bring it back!

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Third Eyewitness News Channel on Earthquakes + Tidal Waves

(4 March 2010)
Question: “What is the meaning behind all the natural phenomena that are scaring so many humans: earthquakes in Haiti & Chile, storms and seacoast flooding with homes and property being washed away in Europe?”

Answer: “Yes, we knew that would get your attention, finally. There are a number of reasons, not all of which most humans will easily understand, This is a time of great energetic shift on all levels. Humans are shifting individually and collectively and the Earth is responding to this shift.

The human population has been moving slowly from fear toward Love for about three generations now, and this movement picks up speed exponentially as those who lived in fear leave the planet and new humans who do not learn to be so fearful are born.

As this movement is similar to that of a very large tidal wave—it is collective and powerful though the individual water molecules are insignificant and tiny—this (tidal waves) has manifested on the Earth plane. But there are more reasons for the large waves.

As humans are opening their hearts, this has released an immense amount of energy. The very Earth herself is responding in relief to the fact that nuclear annihilation is no longer a likely scenario for her. This relief—release—is showing itself in terms of healing earthquakes and tidal waves.”

“Why healing earthquakes? What makes so much death and destruction ‘healing’? How can we get more perspective on that?”

These earthquakes are healing because once again they open the hearts of humans and it allows humans to come together as a race, a collectivity on this planet, to feel a bond with those who live far away and who do not share those basic things over which humans tend to come together: language, ethnicity, religion, and political views.

These crises, as you call them, are the perfectly-timed Earth events that lead you to feel a sense of solidarity with one another. There have been quite a few of these in the past decade, both natural and human-caused, that have led to this opening of your hearts, so that the collective energy builds and the human family comes to better terms with itself. If you are less isolated, you feel safer, more supported, and thus more courageous and more loving.

These major events have been the events of September 11, 2001, the 2004 Tsunami (really the biggest—this was very effective at opening people’s hearts and forming the beginning of the wave of energy) and well as several other events, the Haiti 2010 quake being also in the top three. Again, this is healing to the human family as a whole because it gives you a sense of connection that was missing. And indeed you are all connected as children of the Divine, but you do not feel that way.

The energy of 2012 is building and it is not the energy of end-of-the-world fear. The winter solstice of 2012 will not be the end of the world—it won’t explode—but it will be the end of several thousand years of fear-based living.

Human hearts and minds, separated by Divine plan so that humans could experience the joy of learning to love, can now be reintegrated, and we are already seeing this energy shift. There is Love bursting out all over! Love for fellow humans.

There are other reasons why the earthquakes are healing: in Haiti in particular there was such a lack of human empathy that went into the building of those houses and other structures that it was a true shame. Those structures needed to come down so that something more solid, more responsible, more loving—to self and others—could be built in their places.

It is unclear from this vantage point if that will occur this time around; after all we are just watching: humans have had and always will have free will. That is part of the gift of Incarnation onto Earth. It is possible that humans will choose to build Haiti back the right way; we look forward to seeing how this plays out. All healing, of course, it also a potential site for re-infection.

If the world turns away from Haiti, there could be darker energies that try to take advantage of the weakness of the (shaken) people and economy to build the country back in an exploitative way: this is once again a possibility as it has been so many times in the past.

We would of course like to see humans showing this new strength and solidarity and are rooting for you up here, but that outcome is not guaranteed and in fact we have nothing to do with it. As the eyes of the world turn to other crises, we hope that hearts stay open. Now that nearly all individuals in the world are connected by a system of global communication—instant global communication—it will be easier for these connections to be maintained.

Is there significance to the fact that the earthquakes in Chile, Haiti and a few years ago in Peru are all along approximately the same longitude? Can we expect major movement in the US soon?

Good question! All of these places are located along the Earth’s heart meridian. This is why it is here that we have seen the Earth responding to human heart energy opening up. A meridian does not have to be a straight line. It is a connection, not a rigid geometrical pattern; though there are plenty of those on the Earth as well and we can talk about that another day if you wish.