“Breathing In the Stars”–A Channeled Exercise to Connect with All That Is

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Starry Night Sky

Hi, there!

This is a meditation similar to the Divine Love Bubble*: in that it was channeled from the Akashic Records for one, but mostly because it helps to keep you feeling unconditionally loved and supported by the Universe. It’s really quick + easy and you can do it anytime. It also helps you to be more intuitive because more consciously connected to Universal forces.

Start with an image of the night sky, and not just any old night sky: the night sky out in the middle of nowhere, far from city lights, where it looks like there are a million stars or more layered on top of each other. If you haven’t had the glorious gift of seeing this above your own head, I’ll bet you’ve seen photos of the desert sky at night. Awesome, in the truest sense of the word.

Next, put your attention at the top of your head. This is where the Universe (God’s Feet) meets you, so it’s very powerful spot. Your crown chakra. Feel your presence there, and also the presence of so much Love.

As you take a deep, full body breath, imagine pulling that multitude of stars over your head in through the top of your head to your lungs. As you exhale, see those stars enter your bloodstream and get deposited in every cell! Mantra with breath: “I am” (in) “The Light” (out). Rinse and repeat until you feel resplendent, which typically does not take long. See your entire body as a brilliant aster. Or maybe a brilliant disco ball!

When you Breathe in the Stars, you fill your entire being (all your bodies) with the Love, Light, and Support of the Spirit. You are reminded that you are the microcosmic expression of All that Is, and All that Is is the macrocosmic expression of you.

Use this exercise whenever you feel overwhelmed, stuck, depressed, or any of the other fearful emotions. Conversely, it can also be powerful when you are not in fear, but would like to make a very strong positive impression, such as when doing public speaking, attending a networking meeting, or any time you’d like to put your best foot forward.

Feel free to share this exercise, as long as you cite me as the channeler ad lead people back here.


*Originally channeled by Jen Eramith of akashictransformations.net