Join Me for the Intuitive Entrepreneur Experience Telesummit July 9-13

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Every day, you have 100’s of decisions to make.

If you’re a business owner, you know that the way that you make decisions will make or break your business. Too often, I see entrepreneurs who are struggling and stuck in overwhelm. They don’t want to make the wrong decision, so they procrastinate. They second-guess themselves. They make a bold decision, and then they take it back.

As you know, this will kill your momentum. And your success.

Which is why I am delighted and honored to share with you an extraordinary resource: the Intuitive Entrepreneur Experience Telesummit. I have gathered 15 amazing experts and business owners to talk about the most under-utilized decision-making tool in your toolbox … your intuition.

Because the truth is, in order to make powerful decisions to move your business forward daily, all you need to do is to tune in to your own internal guidance system. And if that sounds too crazy, too far-fetched, or too “woo,” then you are really going to love hearing the amazing success stories of these 15 women and the ways they’ve used intuition (either behind-the-scenes or right out in the open) to catapult their businesses forward. The world premier of the Intuitive Entrepreneur Experience telesummit from July 9th-13th.

Wouldn’t you love hearing the stories and strategies of a group of women who have already brought their businesses to amazing heights using intuition—and want to show you how to do it, too—from wherever you are right now, in this very moment?

If you’re saying “Yes!”, then the Intuitive Entrepreneur Experience Summit was made for you. It’s a one-time-only gathering of 15 trailblazers, sharing the methods, strategies, wisdom, and exact exercises they used (and continue to use) to make the difference in their phenomenal success.

And they are all coming together and sharing what they know so that YOU can do it, too.

I put this event together just for you. Attend the Summit as my guest:

Whether you’re a coach, trainer, speaker, business owner, healer, or service professional, here’s what you’ll learn at the Intuitive Entrepreneur Experience telesummit:

The 3 profit styles that work best for purpose-driven entrepreneurs
How to Unleash your Inner Salesperson (yes, you ARE a salesperson, or you’re not in business)
How to use your intuition to uncover what YOUR message is—and how to share it
The key to raising your prices with confidence and integrity
The 8 reasons your marketing isn’t getting done (and the cures)
The truth about what’s holding you back, and how your life can change on a dime
Why what you eat is about more than just getting healthy—it sharpens intuition!
How to make yourself magnetic to ideal clients
How to silence the Inner Critic, stop tripping yourself up, step into the Flow and reclaim your Power
What it feels like, and how you’ll know, when you’re aligned with your purpose
How to use your intuition with clients, career, miracles + money


The single most powerful exercise each trailblazer used—and continue to use—in her business that really made the difference in creating her massive success—and how YOU can use these tools in your business
And much, much more…

The Intuitive Entrepreneur Experience telesummit features 15 trailblazing business owners who are leaders and experts in their respective fields… and who know how to get out of indecision, overwhelm, and stuckness using their Inner Team:

Kiva Leatherman

Monica Shah

Darla LeDoux

Karen Graves

Stella Orange

Anastasia Netri

Michele Lessirard

Anne Presuel

Maggie Ostara

Stephanie Pedersen

Stephanie McWilliams

Kavita J. Patel

Kristen Domingue

Nisha Moodley


Plus, I’ve set up a really cool format to share this info: I’ve invited entrepreneurs to share how getting aligned with their purpose rocketed their businesses forward with a bullet AND asked them to share tools you can use—right on the calls—to shift your energy, bring greater clarity, and move YOUR business forward. Be on the calls to take it to the next level, bring in more ideal clients, and the money you need to make a powerful impact in the world + live the life you’ve been dreaming of. And that’s in addition to the freebies available on each call!

Ready to register now? Click here:

The Intuitive Entrepreneur Experience Summit runs July 9th-13th, 2012. Get this marked in your calendar now!

And did I mention that the entire 5-day telesummit, plus all the energy-shifting tools are all at no cost to you? That’s right – you get a f.ree pass as my guest! AND you even get access to the webcast of each speaker for 24 hours, so you can listen even if you’re busy during the live presentation.

“See” you at the Summit!

Lots of Love + Light to you!

P.S. You know that you want to make clearer, more powerful decisions every day to move your business forward and connect you with the kind of life you want to live, full of abundance, impact, and ease. Thankfully, it’s easy to find out EXACTLY how to do that. Won’t you join me?

P.P.S.: Do you have a friend or colleague who might want to attend the Intuitive Entrepreneur Experience Summit with you? Feel free to forward this email to them—just be sure you register and save your seat first!

P.P.P.S.: There’s also a Facebook page to join to ask your questions and start the conversation right away (you’ll get the link at registration).