The Universe WILL Course-Correct for You!

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These past 10 days I was very, very sick, and in the fog of fever and awash in Kleenexes, I was reminded of something I once heard Suzanne Evans say. Namely, that “the Universe will course-correct for you.” Yep, I got course-corrected! In a big + none-too-pleasant way, but I’m glad, and reassured that it happened.

At the height of the illness (Day 4), I had an Akashic Records consultation. In other words, answers to any questions I wanted at my fingertips.

The Keepers of the Akashic Records had a very clear message for me, even before I got my first question out. It was done gently and lovingly as is their way, but they were basically reading me the riot act. “Get Grounded. NOW!” It turns out that I’m far too “ethereal” at this point.

So when I asked about the “why” of that nasty bug, I already knew the answer. “Your body is jerking you unceremoniously back down to Earth!” The prescription: nothing metaphysical outside of already-contracted work until I get it handled. And take a week off of all channeling work as soon as possible to make sure I’m firmly back on the ground.

Talk about being unceremoniously jerked back to Earth: for someone whose identity is wrapped up in spirituality and metaphysics, hearing that she’s not allowed to be around crystals (!) or even meditate (!!) is huge! I had never heard of a downside to meditation. Can’t you just see the wagging finger? “Now be careful, or before you know it your blood pressure will decrease and you’ll find more peace and tranquility in the world!”

The next morning as I was ignoring my Records and planning on going ahead (sick as I was) with a private group channeling for my coaching clients, I suddenly got a headache that was like a drill to my temple. Ouch. Maybe I can still channel anyway, I thought. After all, this was July’s channeling that had gotten postponed and then postponed again. Ouch! Stronger drilling. So 30 minutes before the channeling time, I emailed everyone and told them what was going on + that I was renouncing the channeling for the day. Suddenly, the headache diminished.

Later, as I was grumbling about not knowing what to do with the literally thousands of crystals in my office, I got the drilling in my temple again, on the left side. On a hunch, I moved across the room to a couch. Sudden relief flooded me. Boy, it really does work this way!

Armed with this new knowledge—that with action comes relief—that afternoon I moved the 197 Tibetan quartzes that are standing by for VIP downloads off of the left side of my desk to my meditation chair (hey, I’m not going to be using it for a while anyway, right?), and, more importantly, I moved the two VIP sessions that I had scheduled for the following day: to different weeks.

This is really the “why” of getting sick that week, I think: to show me how crazy I was to think that I could pile spiritual heavy-lifting up like that! The Universe, as we’ve established, has my back, but I wasn’t seeing it. When it was time to postpone appointments and go to the funeral last month, it was saying “Take a break! Go see your family.” What I heard was “Now you have work double time to catch up,” but simply the prospect of double-timing made me sicker than I had been since leaving the university.

So now I’m taking it easy, getting back into things more slowly, and I’ve arranged my schedule so that I’m not doing more than one VIP per week, and certainly never more than one per day! Also, I moved back the launch of my popular group program: I had no choice!

All of this hullabaloo was because I thought that when I postponed appointments for the funeral, I was putting clients out. But in fact, if I had simply been good to myself and not piled up the heavy-duty ethereal work, I could have done at least one VIP rather than zero!

In a group channeling I did last December on the Year 2012, a question was asked on the most important thing for women entrepreneurs to know or do about the energy of this year. The answer from the Keepers: be “selfish:” put your needs before those of others, like the oxygen mask in the airplane. Because if you’re passed out (or too sick to function), you’re not going to be helping anybody!

Since I was putting others’ needs first (or what I thought were others’ needs—turns out these clients were happy to be on my schedule at all), and against my best interests, the Universe took drastic action and kept me in bed and miserable for well over a week.

Do yourself a favor: take a second right here to ask yourself if you’re putting others’ needs ahead of your own. And then do what you can to get your oxygen mask on now, before the year gets any trickier.

Because the Universe will course-correct for you.