Dry Spell Gettin’ You Down? It’s Actually a Sacred Gift!

Elizabeth From the Akashic Records, Intuition + Your Inner Guidance, Newsletters

Have you been having a dip in income recently? You’re not alone. I’ve been hearing it from everyone, and I talk to lots of people all over the world.

According to the Akashic Records, there’s more than just the typical summertime-lull going on here. We’re in 2012, so there are massive energetic shifts underway, and as entrepreneurs we’re feeling it!

So what’s going on? Here’s the deal: this period we’re living through right now (last month and perhaps for another month) feels like we’re moving backwards, but we’re just setting up for accelerated forward motion, akin to the wind-up before the pitch in a baseball game.

Picture a ball tossed without a wind-up, or with no backward motion past the body’s mid-line at all: at most it’s going to travel a couple of yards in an inefficient arc, and then bounce a couple of times before coming to a stop in the grass.

Now imagine the pitch at a baseball game: the seasoned pitcher brings the ball behind his body (we’ll use a man this time for diversity’s sake) as though to collect energy before sending it forward powerfully. And on further analysis, we even see that the pitch itself involves some reverse energy before shooting forward.

This is really what’s going on in all conscious businesses right now. What we humans are sensing as moving backwards or standing still is merely a time when we are collecting and storing up energy for the acceleration that will come starting in November: that forward movement that is so fast and so powerful that the ball is barely visible.

What this means is: sure, you may be making a little less cash right now, but it’s time to invest in yourself. Take it easy, and spend your time gathering and storing up resources (energy, friends, strategic partners, vitality, better health, physical and emotional outlets, habits, even [note to self!] articles to send out in weekly newsletters for the future) so that they are at the ready when you are propelled forward so quickly you can hardly recognize yourself anymore.

Have you been thinking about detoxing? Or taking a class or any kind of training? Or reconnecting with friends you haven’t spoken to in a while? Or doing more networking? Or eating better? Or getting into an exercise routine that you love? Or creating more space in your life for the way you want to live it, rather than the way you think you “should” live it? Believe me, now’s the time to get it done, because there won’t be time later.

This will be happening. And because you will have spent this time gathering your resources and paying attention to your intuition and Divine sources, when others get knocked down by the powerful energy, they will want to come to you because you are still standing. And looking mighty peaceful when the rest of the world is freaking the [bleep] out!

So this really isn’t what you think it is: time to freak out because your cash flow is more of a creek than a raging river. It’s a Sacred Gift: a time to look around, get a sense of what you want in your life and your business, and gather the resources you need, as though you were about to head out on a long journey across the wilderness.

Because that’s what this really is: we are embarking on a journey through an uncharted energetic landscape, and it’s likely to look pretty inhospitable to those who are afraid of the unknown. When you have everything you need and more, you can generously give of yourself and create enduring client relationships that propel your business forward in ways you can barely fathom.

And you thought this dry spell was a bad thing. (Truth be told, I did, too. {grin})

Now let’s all get out there and grab what we need while there’s still time! What resources are you going to be gathering? Please leave a comment below! xo