Finding “What You Want in Life”

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(Originally published August 8, 2012.)

So, every day I work with people around this question. Some absolutely know what they want in life (or what they’re “here to do”). They usually just want confirmation that they’re on the right track. Others have a pretty good idea and just want direction. Still others are good at and passionate for lots of things, and they really need help sorting things out.

Still, most everyone who comes to me for clarity wants to know about his or her Sacred Contract. (Or Contracts—sometimes there’s more than one thing.) Which is normal! And it’s something I love giving clarity on.

Which is why I laughed out loud when, poking around on Facebook instead of working, I came across this wordfind from the Coaching Network. Yay! I love puzzles. The first three things in you see in the puzzle are the top things you want in life.  You try:


*Special thanks to the Coaches Network, also on FB here, for the image.

So, the first three things I saw were Love, Success, and Intelligence. Okay. Hmmm. I’m totally on board with Love (who isn’t, right?) especially since this is ultimately what I teach about every day: everything is energy, and everything falls along a spectrum of Love to fear. My mission is to get as many people in the world as possible to choose Love, not fear, in every moment.

Okay, so we’re good with Love. How about Success? I skip Success and go straight to Intelligence. Okay, I’m down with Intelligence, too. I am a smarty pants, after all; Ph. D. and all that. I love puzzles and well-crafted storylines. So yes, Intelligence I have no trouble owning.

Back to Success. This one is a stumper! My first response is that I don’t want to own Success as something I want in life. This maybe puts me in the camp of creepy Donald Trump types. But then I realize that I’m an entrepreneur, and so success is something I should want, given my career choice. Wow. Now I start looking at why I think wanting Success is a bad thing.

And this actually explains a lot about what’s going on in my life.

Recently, and I mean this week, I have been called—not “only” by my coach, mind you, but by my Records—to step into my Power. To stop being wishy-washy in my private life, and really own that I am an “incredibly powerful Light Being” (their words).

I was told in no uncertain terms that I needed to choose: either I stop using my considerable powers to “uncreate” who I am—and this basically means dying; I’ve already manifested an auto-immune disease to keep me playing small, so what will it take to get my attention if this doesn’t?—or I step into the role I chose before incarnating, which is to powerfully move people toward Love + Light in my business.

So, yes. I choose to step into my Power. I choose to own Success.

This little puzzle was a nice little confirmation, though I did need a nudge.

What about you? What have you learned about what you want in life? Please reply here or leave a blog post.