Is Your Business Shifting Along with You?

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(Originally published August 22, 2012.)

This week I was talking to a friend who is also an entrepreneur, and she told me a story (I love stories!) about adopting a kitten. It turned out that the story was actually about questioning the business she’s in.

She didn’t realize that’s where she was going, but I get that a lot: people tell me their stories (again: I love stories!), thinking they’re telling me one thing, and it’s really about something else. Something inside them that really needs to get out. And often (because that’s what I do) it’s about their purpose in the world. And for entrepreneurs, it’s their business.

Here we are at the end of August 2012. According to the Akashic Records, May was the “apex” of the year (all the heavy lifting was done by then), and it’s all been downhill from there. The shifts are mostly done, now we’re just rolling with them.

But are we?

Stop reading now, put your hand on your heart, take a d-e-e-p breath, and ask yourself this question: are you really rolling with the shifts? Are you at that place of ease where everything feels lined up and you’re just skating merrily along?

I hope your answer is a hearty “Yes!” But if it isn’t, don’t feel bad, because you’re not alone.

The shifts have been coming fast ‘n furious this year, and each one of us has had them show up, hard, in one area or another. If it’s not your business, it’s probably in your primary relationships.

I’m lucky: I’ve got Akashic Records to help me out. When I’m shifting and I know it (i.e. when things that used to be easy suddenly get hard), I can consult my own Records or make an appointment. (Looking forward to Tuesday, Jen!) But not everyone is availing themselves of the Akashic Records to give them clarity on what the shifts are all about, and how to capitalize on them!

When I knew that my academic career was nearly done—because I had unceremoniously resigned as of the end of my contract 4 months later—I already had a consultation with my soon-to-be mentor set up. (The Universe always has my back!)

I went into my Records in January 2010 not knowing what career option they would sketch out.

Among other things, I asked again about channeling the Records; I had thought I’d heard, 14 months before, that this was not for me. To my surprise, the Keepers said “Yes, of course you can channel the Akashic Records! You’re already in and out of the Records all the time, you just don’t know it!”

When they’d steered me away before, it was because I needed to focus on the things that would push me to wrap up my academic career early. Whoa! That was a surprise, but also exciting, intriguing, and a whole passel of other things: it made me both calm and anxious at the same time.

For the first year, my biz was called “Indigo Lotus Light.” It was a name that came straight out of my Records. The Keepers said “Definitely ‘indigo’ because that’s who you are and who you need to attract, and definitely ‘light’ because that’s what this is all about.” They said I could add another word if I chose, so I added Lotus.

A year later, both my business and I had evolved. A LOT. My sweetie had helped me to build a beautiful site mostly dedicated to crystals, crystal energy, and chakras. Akashic Records were less easy to picture, so on the site it looked more like a sidelight.

When I had built the site, I wasn’t a coach at all, but a crystal healer who made + sold jewelry and crystal-energy spa products at the local Farmers Market (the best way I knew to get out in front of people), and did Akashic channelings “on the side.”

Within 6 months I had hired a biz coach, created a coaching business, and had really started to move the Akashic work forward. Six months after that, I had changed states, and was doing mostly Akashic work. Also, I checked, but the local farmers markets had their fill of spa products, so I was “forced” to focus on the channeling. The Universe had my back on that one, too!

So a year ago, I asked in my Records about a new business name. I was setting up a new site, and wanted it to reflect what I had shifted into. The answer came back that I was more “indigo” than ever, and that I was more crystal-clear, or “light” than ever, too! Frankly, I was a little disappointed for a while that there was no “new” name, but I know better than to push back against my Truth. A year later, I can hardly believe my initial response: I know my biz name fits me like a glove.

So, in the past 31 months I have used—and continued to use—the Akashic Records to help me move through my shifts: personal ones, and ones in my business. And I invite you to do the same, especially if you have never tried it. It’s literally a mind-blowing experience.

Back in April, when I asked about how the next chunk of time was laid out for my biz, they indicated that through the month of August, I’d be following a “steady as she blows” strategy—just keep on keeping on, no tinkering. Then, starting in September, I’d be deciding which elements of my “garden” I want to weed out, so that my favorites will have more attention, and more room to grow.

I can’t wait to see what next week’s channeling will bring, in terms of information on how best to roll with the shifts, and what to showcase in my Indigo Light garden! I wasn’t supposed to have my next appointment until Halloween, but “miraculously,” right when I needed it, one came available this month.

Like I said, the Universe always has my back!