More Lessons from the Telesummit

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(Originally published August 1, 2012.)


So, last week I wrote about sitting out in the dark among the hedgehogs trying to take care of business for the telesummit in the wee hours of the morning before it started. Crazy, right?

For sure! But then things started to go even crazier.

In order to keep my promises to my family about spending quality time together, I would go with them on a major outing: three hours down the mountain to the coast, spend the afternoon on the beach, and then three hours climbing back up the mountain again. Now, I’ve never lived near a coast, and on top of that am very photosensitive, so hours of bright sun and seaside gallivanting took it out of me.

Then, in order to keep my promises to the 750+ telesummits attendees, I would stay up until about 3:30 a.m. listening to the final calls, checking the links, and then writing the follow-up email for the day. Keeping up my end of the bargain for so many people all over the world—people who were letting me know that the summit was changing their lives—was important to me. Even if I had so little internet that I had to lean all the way out the window to grab it.

Last time, I mentioned that one of my lessons was to let it go, whatever “it” happened to be at the moment: the calls that weren’t right when we loaded them, the replay links that weren’t functioning for most people, the “Welcome to Day 1” video that would not upload so was not sent until Day 2.

I talk a lot about getting out of your own way, but I wasn’t practicing what I preach. I’m an Aquarius, so a change-agent/humanitarian/community-builder. In retrospect, that’s what the Intuitive Entrepreneur Experience telesummit was all about: creating a community of Intuitive Entrepreneurs so that we could all go out and change the world for the better, because WE are the ones we’ve been waiting for. So I was too committed to my purpose to let it go. (And my Capricorn Rising and Taurus Moon acted to keep me firm in my convictions.)

Surrender would have been one great choice, and sleep would have been another. Ultimately, I opted out of both and paid a price in terms of too much stress.

And when we’re stressed, that’s when we really get in our own way, because stress, pain, worry, judgment, tight energy, frustration: all these things are on the fear and failure end of the Love—fear energy spectrum. In other words, NOT where I like to be!

Ultimately, we all do the best we can in any given moment, and I am very pleased with the results of the summit. Not so pleased with myself that I had such a hard time unplugging and taking care of myself and my family, but I’m working on letting go of self-judgment, and trusting that I’ll know better for next time. I’ll certainly know better than to try to do two big things at once, since that necessarily requires burning the candle at both ends!

So I’m glad to be home. And I’m glad to have set up a new, slower, more intentional calendar for myself thanks to Monica Shah and Summer Bock. I needed it! And I’ll let you know if I run into any more hedgehogs, but something tells me I won’t.

Blue Moon/Full Moon in Aquarius

Tonight’s Full Aquarius Moon asks us to think about freedom and community. In what ways can you become a leader in your community and work to create freedom for others? Remember that the energy of a Full Moon is available for 2 days before and after the exact 100% illumination.

Moreover, this Full Moon from the Sun in Leo (fire sign) opposing the Moon in Aquarius (air sign) activates two Grand Trines. All the planets except Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces are either in Air or Fire right now! Be prepared to have your creativity (fire) and your intuitive and practical minds (air) working overtime!

This Full Moon is also interesting because it falls on the Celtic holiday of Lughnasa or Lammas (“loaf mass”). This is the celebration of the first harvest (fruits & grains) and marks the decline of summer. It falls between the Solstice and the Autumnal Equinox. I love the way the Celtic calendar reminds us to stop and pay attention to the seasons 8 times per year.

Today’s Full Moon in Aquarius sets up a Blue Moon for the 31st of the month! A Blue Moon is so called not because it looks blue (it doesn’t) but it refers to 2 full moons in a given calendar month. The next time there will be a Blue Moon will be July of 2015, so enjoy this one!