Are YOU an Intuitive Entrepreneur?

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What will YOUR Fortune Be?

As I prepare for the latest iteration of my popular Intuitive Entrepreneur Group Program, I’ve been thinking a lot about what being an Intuitive Entrepreneur really means. So here are some thoughts.

Being an Intuitive Entrepreneur means:

Creating your own reality: just the way you want it! This means deciding that you are not the victim of anyone or anything, including circumstance. With this knowledge comes immense power to manifest anything, if you have the proper detachment (see below).
Stepping into your Power. The entrepreneur who employs (or deploys) intuition not only has the infinite resources and wisdom of the Universe available to her or him—that’s part of it—but there’s an incredible sense of confidence that comes when you know you’re doing your Sacred Work in the world!
Being of service. Intuitive entrepreneurs are not in it for the money. The money is nice—and it comes very easily!—but that’s not the motivation for doing the work. The motivation is that you feel called to do the work, and you are energized rather than exhausted by it.
Knowing your True Worth. This one comes as a bit of a surprise to some intuitive entrepreneurs, but it’s so true. When you do the work that you are passionate about, and when you see the ripples of change that you create in the world, it’s impossible to continue undervaluing yourself—a trap that many spiritual entrepreneurs (and I include myself here) fall into. And if they don’t get out of that trap, it can really handicap the positive impact they want to create. And that is a true shame. As well as being completely unnecessary.
Getting out of your own Way. This is a biggie. Solopreneurs (and intuitive entrepreneurs always start out this way, anyway) find that getting in their own way is their biggest obstacle. Why? Because there is no buffer. No one is going to pop their head into your office and remind you that you haven’t crossed off a single one of your three revenue-generating actions for the day. No one (until you get an assistant) is going to ask if you’ve written your newsletter for the week. No one (until you get a coach) is going to tell you to stop fiddling with your website and get down to the business of business. So, why do Solopreneurs sabotage themselves? Fear. Yep. It’s a small, 4-letter word, but its paralyzing power incredibly strong.
Staying in the Love vibration. Fortunately for us, Love is also an incredibly powerful 4-letter word, and it’s even more powerful than fear. This is also the vibration of abundance, generosity, trust, service, luck, tolerance, joy, peace, and generally all good things.
Following your Heart instead of your Head. I actually just said this (twice), but it bears repeating. It’s about getting out of your own head. When I say “head,” I mean your ego-brain, that piece of you that thinks it’s in control (ha!), and this is where your fear is located. When you move your boardroom from your head to your heart, you start leading your business with confidence and in the spirit of Highest Good of All, rather from a place of doubt and worry.
Letting go of the paradigms you have grown up with, such as zero sum game (i.e., that if one person gets more, another person gets less) and separation. As intuitive entrepreneurs, we are aware of the Oneness of the Universe. There is no “us” vs. “them.” There’s just “us,” and way more than enough to go around.
Saying good-bye to Struggle! This one is particularly juicy. We only struggle when we resist the amazing gifts that the Universe has to offer us every day. When we stop resisting and surrender to what’s coming, this is the place of miracles: the better-than-you-could-ever-imagine-in-a-million-years stuff. That’s pretty powerful!
Saying hello to more fun, grace, ease, and (cash) flow! Yep: intuitive entrepreneurs—those who stop resisting the gifts of the Universe, who co-create, who trust their gut more than their brainy brains (tell me, how often has your ego-brain led you astray?), who know their worth and are of service making great and needed changes in the world—find their work easier, more fun, and more lucrative when they stand in their place of knowing and just let everything flow.

My name is Elizabeth, and I am an Intuitive Entrepreneur.
Are you?