Something Else to Chew On for Thanksgiving

Elizabeth Uncategorized

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

This is one of my favorite holidays in spite of the fact that I’m vegetarian and have Native American blood in my veins. There’s a lot about Thanksgiving that I don’t like, but its saving grace is just that: Grace and Gratitude.

In honor of this holiday, I’ve done a little channeling on what we don’t already know about Gratitude–and we’re all about full up to here of platitudes about gratitude about now, am I right?. I think you’ll enjoy it. Plus, it’s short–less than 9 minutes!–so you can sneak it in between baking projects or runs to the store for more whipping cream.

I asked for a message regarding Gratitude, something that we don’t know about Gratitude–new ways to employ it, or new reminders about using Gratitude in the West. Here’s what I got:

Gratitude is an excellent tool that can be used at a moment’s noticed–it’s always in our back pockets, even if we don’t actually have pockets.

Gratitude is a great exploder of negativity. It’s the opposite of greed and self-serving, which are both pretty far down on the energetic scale. {The Keepers don’t come right out and say it, but this makes it a great “surviving-the-holidays” tool.}

Employing Gratitude as an m.o. is a good idea: it’s good to keep Gratitude near the surface, or to express GratitudeĀ when in pain–not necessarily GratitudeĀ forĀ the pain (though you could, and that’s a very enlightened stance) and here’s why: GratitudeĀ is a great physical pain reliever. Let’s say you’ve broken a bone. Focusing on things to be grateful for is like a shot of morphine! Caveat: it doesn’t work if you’re simply spouting platiudes about GratitudeĀ and not feeling actual Gratitude, of course.

As Americans head in into Thanksgiving, the Keepers want to let humanity know that the link between Gratitude and abundance is not for naught, BUT it’s not: abundance arrives and then you’re grateful; that’s backwards. It actually works like this: first we are grateful and then abundance arrives. If we water that which we have sown withĀ Gratitude, and then shine the Light ofĀ Gratitude on it, that’s what gives us a bountiful harvest.

This is applicable anywhere: relationships, busienss, politics.

Using that energy ofĀ Gratitude–even when we’re not quite sure what we’re grateful for yet,Ā Gratitude and laughter are great ways to puull us out of the fear end of the spectrum: pain, anxiety, self-doubt, greed, LACK. All of those can be exploded withĀ Gratitude.

If you’re in business, the worst thing you could do is to look at what you don’t have. The best thing you can do is to shine yourĀ Gratitude Light over what you do have, and watch it grouw. The more you shine yourĀ Gratitude Light, the faster it will grow–like time-lapse photography where you can almost see it growing in front of you. Your heart will be filled with Love and Light, and that Golden Light is magnetic.

So, that’s our message to you this Thanksgiving Day. Don’t reserve Gratitude for one day per year. Employ it every waking hour of every day and see what happens.