Channeling on Eclipse, 12/12/12 and Winter Solstice!

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Today, 28 November 2012, we are experiencing the final eclipse of 2012. It’s a penumbral lunar eclipse, which means that the moon is only partially covered. I’ve been feeling a little challenged by all of the new and shifting energy around lately, so I thought I’d ask my private coaching clients if they’d like to hear about this energy and how best to use it. They were excited and so was I, so we went ahead.

The first thing to know is that the energy of the Records was particularly joyful, so that was great news. What we learned, among other things, was that today’s eclipse, 12/12/12 coming up in 2 weeks, and the December solstice just 9 days after that are all linked: they are portals of energy, and each one is a lot bigger than the last. It may be exhausting in the moment to live through all of this, but it’s better and easier to have this much shifting happen quickly rather than in a drawn-out manner.

If we consider our lives to be like a dance that we’ve learned the steps to, understand that right now we may be feeling tripped up because the speed of the music has quadrupled! Before, you were able to perform the steps in your sleep and now you’ll have to stay more present to keep up.

There’s interesting information about what this means for women entrepreneurs–more intuition and therefore easier, more abundant businesses!–and several times the reassurance that the seeming chaos is not permanent, and also not chaos: the analogy of the marching band was offered over and over, and it’s a reminder that humanity (the marching band) is simply between images or patterns and so it looks like chaos, but is simply people taking their new places in the new configuration.

If you are called to listen to this channeling, know that you are also being called to shine your Light in the brightest possible way and to hold that Light steady while others create drama around them. Don’t get drawn in. There’s more on your essential role in the channeling, so listen in to find out!

The channeling itself is about 40 minutes long.

Enjoy! And then please leave your comments. I’d love to know how you’ll use this information.

Love + Indigo Light,