Happy + LUMINOUS 2013!!

Elizabeth Finding Peace in Every Day, Video posts

A Happy and Luminous New Year to you!

Here are my wishes for YOUR joyful and prosperous 2013 (and mine, too, while we’re at it):

 May your days be filled with Joy, Love + Light.

May your actions be full of presence and purpose.

May you embody the spirit of Generosity, so that you receive more than you could ever dream possible.

May you treat yourself and others with Compassion to fill your heart with Gratitude.

May every day be filled with the abundant gifts of the Universe (don’t forget to ask + then look for them!)

May you find clarity and Light where before you saw struggle and confusion, expansion where there once were rigid boundaries.

And may every moment exceed your wildest expectations, each one better than the last.

Here’s a little video I made for you last week in Paris to thank you for being a part of my spiritual family this year. I was going to replace it with one shot today in the Alps, but I caught a cold, so am neither skiing nor filming. It’s all good, though: I’m grateful for a little alone time.


AND In the spirit of generosity–not to mention the goal of prosperity–I am opening up 6 (count ’em, 6–the number of the year 2013!) free Shine Your Light sessions with me for when I get home next week. These are 30 minute sessions and are SO full of biz coaching that there’s no time for akashic stuff. And because of that, these are open to people who have claimed a free session with me in the past (yay!). So email me right away with the message “I want in!” and my assistant will send out a brief application. Complete it to claim your place in line!