Entering the 5-D World of Infinite Possibility

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Here’s the “Note from the Universe” I got this morning. It’s always perfect timing, of course:

Do you know why I’m so fond of the time-space continuum, Elizabeth?

Besides that I thought it up…

Besides you being in it…

Besides puppies and kittens…

It’s because it can all seem so logical… so predictable… so real, when you want it to. Or, in the twinkling of an eye, you can choose to remember it’s not.

Keep it up, love –
The Universe

The funny thing about the space-time continuum is that it feels so solid and unavoidable. And then in the Records, it simply doesn’t exist. This entire armature is just GONE.

And somehow that’s a little scary. It feels less than. Like we’re missing something.

But it’s just the opposite. The Records are multi-dimensional, not only 3-dimensional. As many dimensions as there are (at least 9), and it’s hard to think in more than 3 with a human brain, so that’s a conundrum.

Here’s the thing: Your life, as you know it, isn’t “real” in the sense that you think it is. And the future isn’t predictable by you based on what was available before.

Spending more time in the Records, and especially seeing how this works in my own life (I admit it still blows my mind), has taught me that 1+1 doesn’t have to equal 2 if you don’t want it to. It always does in the 3-D world, but that’s not really where we have to live all the time anymore.

No wonder I’ve always had trouble with arithmetic.

We grow up being taught that there is a “pie” of resources, and that it’s a zero-sum game. In other words, that when the resources are gone, they’re gone. That’s the 3-D world in a nutshell. You can’t have more (money, time, love) if there isn’t more.

And now it’s time to start playing with the 5-D energy that’s now at our disposal.

Where that pie is a magic pie! When you take the last slice (yum) of love, or time, or money–another one magically appears IF you believe it will. Fairy tales hide the truth of what’s possible from the “muggles,” and keeps it safe for those of us who can see with 5-D eyes.

And that’s why Einstein told parents that if they wanted smart kids, to read them fairy tales. So that they could see beyond the 3-D world to where things are relative and malleable, not solid, predictable, and unforgiving.

In the new world, magic is real. 2 + 2 can =1000. Other dimensions and alternate realities are available, and sometimes even visible.

And, we each create our own realities.

(In conjunction with our Higher Selves and the Universe, of course.)

Take that in.


What would YOU like to create in 2013 and beyond? Try this exercise, even if you think you know. (It might surprise you.)

Put your hand on your heart. Take a deep breath. Now close your eyes, and say “My Guides tell me that in 2013, I can” and just keep talking.

What did your Guides tell you? Let me know in the comments.