Revealed: The Secret Steps to Success

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A few weeks ago, a reader in Argentina posted a question on my blog about Investing In Yourself to Signal the Universe to Invest in You. She wanted more information about how to help yourself get to that place, so I thought I would unpack it for her–and you.


Step 1: Consult your intuition (or your Records, if you’re new to trusting your inner voices) about what’s the best risk to take. Because the right “risk” isn’t risky at all!


It’s like buying a lottery ticket when you already know what the numbers will be: small risk, big payoff.


Some risks are things your ego wants–a fancy new car, for example. But for the exercise to work, you have to take ego out of the equation. Ask what your SPIRIT wants and needs, and you’re on the right path. If you try to do this with ego-desires, it’s not going to work, or at least not very long.


Step 2: Action! Take the initial steps toward getting that new thing, and then see how you feel. Trust your intuition here too! Your “gut” (your body) will let you know if it’s right.


If it feels bad (I call this “feeling swampy”–bad news in the pit of my stomach, maybe a headache or feelings of dread), step back! Don’t move forward if your body says “no.”


If you’re getting positive signals from your body (feelings of elation, butterflies, etc.) then keep going! Take that big leap! It may seem illogical, but your body is directly connected to your Higher Self. So when it gives you the thumbs-up, you know you can go ahead.


Alternatively, if you get the green-light from your Records, you can move forward here, too. Going from this place makes step 3 a lot easier.


Step 3: (This is key!!) You have to TRUST the Universe to bring you exactly what you need! Even if it’s wrapped in a package that doesn’t look like what you were hoping for. If you step back into fear (this includes doubt) all bets are off.


The Rolling Stones were so right: You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you just might find: you get what you need! You have to TRUST the Universe to bring you the perfect thing at the perfect time, and then be grateful. That’s step 4.


I repeat: if you slip into a place of fear, or doubt, or control, it’s not going to work. This is where most people get into trouble, and then start thinking the Law of Attraction is a bunch of hooey. Newsflash: It doesn’t work because they’re not following the directions. That’s like calling your computer a lemon when you didn’t install the software correctly.


It’s not an easy thing for humans with egos to let go of control, or to not fall into fear, but if you can simply maintain a blind faith in the Universe’s love and support for you, you’re golden.


Here’s a sidenote: if you want God, the Universe, Source, or Spirit to “give you a sign,” guess what: you’re not trusting, you’re doubting. And doubt is fear. The opposite of Love. It puts you squarely in the Lack Zone. {Bzzzzzz!} All bets are off and you’ve just lost your gambit if you do this.


Back to Step 4: Gratitude! Be joyful and grateful for the gifts the Universe has brought in order to start back again at Step 1 when you’re ready. It’s best when you’re grateful out loud. The vibration of your voice is way more powerful than you think. So use it!


Be grateful in private and be grateful in the company of others. Gratitude is such a special Light Force that it’s great “medicine” for everyone. When you express Gratitude, huge quantities of Light shine out from you, making you more attractive and magnetic for the kinds of people and opportunities that you’re looking for.


In fact, if you can be grateful before Step 1, that will make the whole process more graceful, because you start it off squarely in the Abundance Zone.


To re-cap, it’s really a circle that looks like this: know –> act –> trust –> thank –> know –> act –> trust –> thank –> know –> act –> trust –> thank –> know….



And if you need more help with any one–or all–of these steps, connect with me about my Shine Your Light program or my Clarity Blast weekends, where I teach these steps more in depth.


Or, maybe you’d like a Clarity injection which is my basic Akashic Records consultation, to get really clear on where your best gifts lie and which so-called risks are for you. When you know exactly what you came here to do because the answer comes straight from Source, it’s a heckuva lot easier to TRUST!


Finally, when looking for the right path to take, consider this: there is much wisdom in the truism that the easy path is almost never the right one. In this case, “easy” means “easiest to choose.” If you look at the times when you picked the one that looked easiest, you might discover that there was a lot of struggle involved. And the times when you went out on a limb, everything seemed to fall into place. So the “hard” choice is inevitably the easier path in the end, and the “easy” choice the hard one.