What I Stand For: The Indigo Light Manifesto

Elizabeth Uncategorized

There’s a catchy tune by FUN (a name after my own heart) called “Some Nights.” Part of the refrain is “What do I stand for?” This prompted me to sit down and make a list of what I stand for:


I stand for women’s empowerment. Not that women aren’t naturally powerful already, but sometimes we think we have to live small. And that’s just not true. We’re the ones who are destined to save the world, after all, so I say let’s get on with it!


I stand for your Divine Right to know who you are—on a soul level—from your Akashic Records. Sometimes it feels like because we live in a 3-D world, we’re not allowed to know this stuff, but we are. Now more than ever.


I stand for synchronicity. There is no such thing as coincidence, no matter what you’ve been taught before. You are, now and forever, in the right place at the right time, whether you recognize it or not. Nothing happens randomly. It is all a carefully choreographed dance by your Higher Self working in concert with the Higher Selves of those around you. That’s why you’re reading this right now.


I stand for using intuition in business. It is–hands down–the best, most reliable, and least expensive business advice that you can get. Learning to develop it, then to use and trust it in your business, is core foundational work for any entrepreneur who is out to make the world a better place.


I stand for the grace and ease of co-creation with the Universe. When we surrender what we think we control (ha!) to the Universe that’s controlling it already, and slide over to the passenger seat, what we were unable to create before flows in effortlessly. Struggle is both unnecessary, and a red flag that something is out of alignment. In other words, when we let go and get out of our own way, our dreams come true.


P.S.: This goes double for business. As entrepreneurs we think we have to control everything, but we’re forgetting an essential element: turning the results over to Source makes everything easier. It’s silly of us to think we know better than the Universe, right? Right.


I stand for enlightened action. Surrender the outcome, yes. But do what needs to be done. “God helps those who help themselves.” Never stand still and expect the Universe to lay everything at your feet; walk up and claim it!


I stand for the infallibility of energy. What you put out is what you receive. And everything—every action, emotion, word, thought, or vibration—falls somewhere on the Love-to-fear spectrum. Knowing where your energy is on that spectrum is a great predictor of the outcome of whatever it is you are saying, thinking, or doing. Fear doesn’t come back as Love, and Love doesn’t come back as fear. Ever.


I stand for finding the Divine inside you, rather than outside you. When you externalize Spirit/Source/God, it’s easy to see yourself as a victim. And when you do that, co-creation goes out the window.


I stand for absolute, total, unconditional Love + support from the Universe. Human Love + support can sometimes be spotty, so we come to expect the same treatment from the Universe. It’s just not true. And if you don’t believe me, take a long, hard look at any “disappointment” over 5 years ago. I’ll bet you’ll find that you got exactly what you needed, even if it wasn’t exactly what you wanted. Because, here’s the deal: the Universe’s job isn’t to spoil us, but to teach us exactly what we came here to learn. And to facilitate us doing exactly what we came here to do.


I stand for Enlightenment as a process, not a destination. The place of Enlightenment is available to us in any moment, if we choose to go there.  We are there when we are truly present–not running off to the past in nostalgia or to the future in anxiety or anticipation–and make every act a sacred act. Any form of meditation, from lotus-position sitting to walking in nature, to being in your “zone,” will take you there.


I stand for the rise of the Divine Feminine and the new Age of Light that arrived in December 2012. As we chip away at the patriarchal structures that oppressed us all, we will increasingly see new opportunities opening up: more connection with the Divine plane via increased intuition and guidance, more Love and understanding available among humans, more respect for (based in part on our shared experience) with the natural world. This means less exploitation and more collaboration and shared resources.


I stand the new energy of money, not as a tool of oppression and sign of exploitation (these are the old, patriarchal energies), but as one of peace and empowerment. Spiritual people tend to consider having money as a bad thing, and being poor as a mark of purity and devotion. Guess what? Sacrifice is in the fear end of the spectrum. Earning money by empowering people or making their lives better (through creative arts, the healing arts, coaching, etc.) is sacred. Never “dirty.” Pushing it away is confusing to your guides, painful to you, and keeps you from reaching those who desperately need your special brand of help. Take that in.


I stand for Oneness, even though I don’t manage to live it in every single moment. The division I sometimes see between my small human self and my omnipotent Higher Self is really an illusion. I am the microscopic expression of the Divine Universe, and the Universe is a macroscopic expression of me. Ultimately, Oneness is at the root of every one of these principles for which I proudly stand.


In a word, I stand for the Power of Love.


What do YOU stand for?