Akashic Truth on 2013 for Women Entrepreneurs

Elizabeth From the Akashic Records

Last week I did an Akashic Records Live Group Channeling on what the year 2013 has in store for fem-preneurs. I’ll be posting the audio file soon, but in the meantime, here’s a loose transcript. Enjoy, and don’t forget to leave your questions and comments below!

The most important things to know about how to be successful in 2013:

Keep your energy in the abundance zone. Trust. Trust the Universe to lead you in the right direction. And don’t get caught up in ego constructs like worry and self-doubt.

The top thing to do is to step out of that normal business mindset of “you’ve got to make it happen.” Competition and the notion of limited resources are part of this too. Competition is a more masculine mindset. Now it’s best to lead from heart and gut (intuition) where you shift your thinking to include that the entire Universe is working in concert to make you happy. Look for those gifts. Come from this place of knowing, trusting and inner strength.

The important thing to know about collaboration is that can explode (cause to expand massively and rapidly) your business. When 2 women entrepreneurs collaborate powerfully, it’s not just the sum of its parts, but is exponentially more. If that happens when you collaborate with 1 other person, what happens when you collaborate with 10 others?

The old mindset is that collaboration is bad because everyone else is an enemy. This is a good way to keep your business small.

2013 is THE year that women entrepreneurs can see their biz expand in phenomenal ways IF they apply these principles. The energy on planet Earth has shifted in the past 6 weeks—because of the shift to new Age of Light and all of the downloads, the 5th dimension is more present on Earth now. This year—especially with shifting your mindset, collaborating, and surrendering/trusting—all these things will allow 2013 to knock you out in terms of possibility.

Some collaborations are better than others. A random person isn’t the best collaborator—choose a partner with your heart/gut. Someone who shares your values is best. It isn’t useful to collaborate with someone whose values are radically different. So when looking for partners, ask them about values + what you’d like to create within the partnership. If either partner feels icky, back out immediately. If you’re heartbroken at the beginning at the idea that you’re not a good match, imagine how you’ll feel later on when you know you’re not a good match!

Is there an easier way to make money or get ideal clients since the Shift?

Laughter. Keep it light, keep it bright, keep laughing, and tell your ego to sit down and be quiet. Going with your ego over your heart or gut will not be a successful practice. “I think” is your ego speaking. Use “I feel” or “I trust” to shift your decision-making and magnetism for best results.

When you co-create with the Universe, that’s when things get GOLDEN. As in money, and also the golden heart energy of gratitude. Re-set your energy every day away from “I’m doing it myself” to “I’m co-creating with the Universe.”

Some differences between 2012 and 2013:

2012 was full of cathexis—all sorts of different expectations of what 2012 meant. And no one really looked PAST 2012. So 2013 is at this point more brilliant than 2012, but because 2012 was standing so tall, it covered everything with its shadow. There was lots of fear in the world about what 2012 meant. A tight energy of fear, doubt, and uncertainty was rampant all over the planet for much of last year.

In contrast, 2013 is like a breath of fresh air—we can relax those tight muscles. The Keepers are showing this Biblical analogy: “It’s easier to take a camel through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.” We are now through the eye of the needle! Therefore, the whole concept of (and energy around) prosperity has shifted.

This goes back to collaboration. The entire human project is about connecting/collaborating with others. For millennia, our world was driven by patriarchal values. That time is past (these values are dissolving), but they still exist in people’s hearts. So, the notion of prosperity—having riches—has shifted gears. It’s no longer “prosperity for me” but “prosperity for the community.” When you create more prosperity for the community, you yourself will become more prosperous.

If this energy is a flower, the bud is now on and it will be blooming for the next 17 years at least. It’s just going to get better and better! The sooner you start leading from your heart and trusting your intuition and not listening to your ego, the more prosperous you can be—starting today! This is very exciting news.

Prosperity in the West typically has meant money—cash flow—but on an energetic level, it means well-being, happiness, joyfulness, joie de vivre. When you prosper, there’s the energy of expansion. Like Jupiter—abundance, luck, expansion. It doesn’t necessarily mean money in the bank. It might include a good credit rating, but it can also show up as considering yourself as prosperous even before you have the money to show for it.

You don’t need six figures, but you DO need a pervading sense of joy and satisfaction. You need to indulge yourself with small luxuries. There are differences of scale, of course. For those at a higher income level, it might mean vacations at 5-star hotels. This isn’t necessary for those at a lower income-level. You can feel prosperous walking through the woods and watching rabbits and deer flash past.

The point is: you can be prosperous at any income level as long as you see beauty and glory in your life. A millionaire who doesn’t see the beauty and glory of life is not prosperous. It isn’t a dollar figure, but the sense of joy you feel in your life. So indulge yourself with the luxuries available to you.

Find prosperity where you are and embrace it! Savor it! Embrace it every day, and let it last for hours! Constantly be savoring that joy of living your life. It’s finding the delicious parts of life and leaning into them that creates (more) prosperity.

The lynchpin is this: the more you embrace prosperity at whatever income level you have, the more the prosperity will grow for you. It’s self-fecundating. It will grow and expand; when you embrace all the delicious, beautiful, wonderful things in your life more of them will show up. This goes for money, of course, but also for ideal clients, opportunities, and invitations. All will come easily when you embrace that energy.

Things to be aware of in 2013: Although the energy has shifted, 99% of the population isn’t used to it yet! Yes, so much more is available, but we’ve all got decades of training behind us telling us that business has to be hard, or that resources are limited. Our beliefs are incompatible with the new energies. Watch for this “ruthlessly” in yourself and in your clients. As soon as you see it, in yourself or others, call it out. They’ll thank you for it!

Also, people are still reeling from the huge impact of December. Those who’ve been in denial about 5th dimensional energies were hit by a cosmic 2×4 in December. They’ve been knocked off balance. So compassion, generosity, kindness and understanding (always good of course) are especially in order now. They’re spinning out of control—can’t find their gravity boots. There’s a 60% chance they’ll appreciate you AND wake up. This is their wake-up call. Remember that waking up from a deep sleep can be very disorienting. It’s important to love them and be gentle AND not to buy into their story. So comfort them, but don’t buy in, and don’t even try to tell them why their story is wrong.

One extremely important piece for 2013 is PLAY. The Keepers showing a circle of girls holding hands, running, laughing, having fun. Fun and play can be a compass in your business. If you’re doing something and it feels like drudgery, you can know that it’s not for you. If you’re writing copy and your stomach feels like lead, hand it off to someone else. Hire a copywriter. That energy is like a virus—it can contaminate the rest of your energy really fast and sink your business.

This brings us to another key principle: delegation. And it goes back to collaboration. Collaboration is not limited to peer-to-per; having a team is collaboration. Where you’re not 100% masterful and joyful in the work, hire someone else to do it—get it off your plate!

The final message: Go out and enjoy 2013. The sun has come out! 2013 will be delicious and prosperous and lovely if we can follow these principles.